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Please retweet & use , #BeKindToElephantsand for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. @DSWT
As social animals we need friends, but we make friends on the basis of trust, which comes about as a result of affection and concern for others. You can’t buy trust or acquire it by use of force. Its source is warm-heartedness.
Trust your feelings. Stop thinking so much
Trust God and chill.
trust your feelings don’t calculate your perception
God does not want you to try harder, he wants you to trust him deeper. Stop trying. Start trusting. This will change everything, in you.
Did this cover of @QueenWillRock “Under Pressure” for the Bohemian Rhapsody film with @Teddygeiger, to honor Freddie, and for a cause really close to our hearts, to benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust in the fight against HIV / AIDS. Hope you love it x
Trust ur first mind .
- In pain, I smile
- In confusion, I understand.
- In betrayal, I trust.
- In fear, I push forward.
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