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There simply is no coherent grouping of a “Deep State” that excludes people like Mike Scheuer, the founder of CIA’s Usama bin Laden Unit & married to Alfreda Bikowski, implicated in the torture program. Or mil/intel Trumpists Gina Haspel, Mike Flynn, Derek Harvey, John Kelly, etc

"Will reality stop the Trumpists? It never has. They’ll turn to three (at least!) tried and true methods of the demagogue."

A majority of Americans want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office. And still Trumpists claim the past few weeks have been good for the president and a disaster for Democrats? What a joke 🤣🤣🤣

Vindman on the Army: "We do not serve any political party, we serve the nation." That's really the problem. Trumpists believe the job of everyone in the US government is to serve Trump.

Trumpists just can’t help themselves. They’re compulsively driven to protect abusers and punish victims.

The evidence produced by the impeachment inquiry is not going to convince Trumpists or those beholden to them, because they are not operating from a moral framework that allows Trump to be culpable of wrongdoing.

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@brianstelter  @JonathanLandayGordon  Sondland deep state? Ha. He is the perfectly example of what I once called in an article a few years ago "the shallow state "--inexperienced, anti-factual, partisan Trumpists with no respect for institutions or values who are the real threat.

Trumpists to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: “Fuck you for your service”

Look, it's really simple for Trumpists: If you are loyal to Trump, you are a patriot, if you are not loyal to Trump you are a traitor. Not the nation, Trump. Because in the Trumpist worldview, there is no difference.

@AdamMGrant  @profgallowayThe  problem is that this framing assumes in-group empathy has the same real world effect in each case. In-group empathy between trumpists who want to violently harm others has the opposite effect than in-group empathy of those protecting each other from those harms.


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This is framed so as to sound sinister and conspiratorial, the better to win traffic from Trumpists looking to prove the president is the target of the deep state, but it’s actually a story about how everyone involve followed proper procedure.

To everyone complaining about Trump contributors being publicly revealed through public records, why haven’t you complained about Trump’s 2015 lie that he wasn’t going to need any campaign contributions? Old lies never die. They’re just forgotten by Trumpists.

To donors of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and other Democrats, would you be proud or embarrassed to have people know of your support? (Of course, it’s already public bc of FEC laws, but dumb DC Trumpists are acting like the info is the stuff of spy novels.)