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Sorry for the random aside but I feel like Sarah Palin is under-discussed as a predecessor/precedent for Trumpism.
The combination of Trumpism, Bannonism and old fashioned Republican cruelty toward the poor is remaking this country in hideous ways.
One year after Trump's election, Trumpism is being obliterated tonight at the voting booth.
Disapproval of Trump is now 67%! How long will Republicans cling to the wreckage of Trumpism?
Trumpism in a nutshell: Anyone who dares to correct Trump's lies about them or challenge his bigotry towards them is victimizing *him.*
Analysis: George W. Bush’s unmistakable takedown of Trumpism — and Trump
Election Day 2017 is not complicated when you look at the results nationwide. This was about the political environment created by Donald Trump, pure and simple. Trump and Trumpism was not a winning strategy.
Interesting hashtag happening now re right wing Christianity's conspicuous embrace of Trumpism: #EmptyThePews
Pres. George W. Bush wrote speech himself and knew it would be viewed as partly a response to Trumpism, source tells @NicolleDWallace
A lot of people don’t want to see it, but today’s speech again confirms that the core of Trumpism is visceral physical fear of immigrants.
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