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The combination of Trumpism, Bannonism and old fashioned Republican cruelty toward the poor is remaking this country in hideous ways.
A lot of people don’t want to see it, but today’s speech again confirms that the core of Trumpism is visceral physical fear of immigrants.
What we call “McCarthyism” our grandchildren will call “Trumpism.”
Fox News popularized birtherism, Trumpism and white grievance-mongering, creating a-factual news bubble
Apparently at @Heritage today @newtgingrich gave away the game; said goal of Trumpism is to "eradicate FDR government."
Some Trump shill on @MSNBC now is claiming with zero sourcing that the Trump calling the White House a dump is made up. Trumpism on display.
I strongly recommend this read. How do we label Trump-ism? The GOP Is No Longer A 'Conservative' Party
Cartoon artists from around the world participated in a “Trumpism” satire exhibit in Iran.
Trumpism is a reflection that, as racism and sexism became impolite, many conservatives decided politeness itself was a problem.
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