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Here is a New Year's Resolution I hope you will share with me. In 2018, we will not only intensify the struggle against Trumpism, we will increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land.
Gary Cohn's resignation over Trump's tariffs and protectionism is a reminder of the depth of corruption of Trumpism: its adherents will tolerate any moral outrage, so long as it doesn't impact their money.
The name of the president of the United States has become an active racial slur to be hurled at people of color, often paired with hostile taunts and accusations of not being an American. Trumpism is an actual, ugly thing.
Cannot be said enough: the NY FBI was a hotbed of Clinton hatred and Trumpism. I interviewed the great journalist Wayne Barrett before he died and he confirmed it.
"Due process" for men of the ruling party accused sexual harassment, abuse of women and sexually molesting teenage girls. "Lock her up" for your political opponent, firing for black NFL players who dare protest, and death for the Central Park Five. This is Trumpism encapsulated.
The combination of Trumpism, Bannonism and old fashioned Republican cruelty toward the poor is remaking this country in hideous ways.
Sorry for the random aside but I feel like Sarah Palin is under-discussed as a predecessor/precedent for Trumpism.
Disapproval of Trump is now 67%! How long will Republicans cling to the wreckage of Trumpism?
When you're willing to ally with Nazi-cuddlers to get a tax cut for the super rich, THAT is Trumpism at its absolute, morally corrupting essence.
The message of Trumpism is Good Things should happen to people we like and Bad Things should happen to people we don’t like, and we’ll fill in the petty details about how the “law” works later. It feels almost like missing the point to call it hypocrisy.
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