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Conspiracy theory: Max Boot is a Never Trumper parody account (like a Titania McGrath.) Oh my, this is 212-degree boiling stupid.

This will NOT be posted on any liberal, Never Trumper, or Democrat press site. They won’t want you or others to watch tonight.

Castor questions Sondland’s testimony, conduct and praising the actions of Ambassador Taylor. The same Ambasssdor Taylor Trump called a “never-Trumper”.

ARE YOU A NEVER-TRUMPER? I am. Always was. Always will be! #8645ASAP 

Whether she is a royal anti-Trumper or not, it is long overdue that Princess Anne is having a moment of international recognition

The guy repairing my bookshelves is a Trumper. I'm in Toronto. I've never actually met one before. Do not engage. Do NOT engage.

Conan responds to press reports he's a Trumper

Translation: bigmouth backs down. Now he sits planning his attack on another “Deep Stare Never Trumper.” Watch this - we’ll see how long it takes the spew of slander to start.

But everything I’ve seen of Bolton over the years suggest he’s not the grand intellectual or honest servant to the truth some genuine Never Trumper GOPers want to believe he is. He’s just a far right grifter who hates liberals, it seems. Again, please let me be wrong!


Most relevant

The Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats. Watch out for them, they are human scum!

Supposedly, according to the Corrupt Media, the Ukraine call “concerned” today’s Never Trumper witness. Was he on the same call that I was? Can’t be possible! Please ask him to read the Transcript of the call. Witch Hunt!

It was NEVER agreed that Robert Mueller could use one of his many Democrat Never Trumper lawyers to sit next to him and help him with his answers. This was specifically NOT agreed to, and I would NEVER have agreed to it. The Greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. history, by far!

So Robert Mueller has now asked for his long time Never Trumper lawyer to sit beside him and help with answers. What’s this all about? His lawyer represented the “basement server guy” who got off free in the Crooked Hillary case. This should NOT be allowed. Rigged Witch Hunt!

Yesterday’s Never Trumper witness could find NO Quid Pro Quo in the Transcript of the phone call. There were many people listening to the call. How come they (including the President of Ukraine) found NOTHING wrong with it. Witch Hunt!

Here I asked the president, as Commander in Chief do you regret calling Lt Col. Vindman a “Never Trumper?” His response: “Well you’ll be seeing very soon what comes out and then you can ask the question in a different way.”

Never Trumper Republican John Bellinger, represents Never Trumper Diplomat Bill Taylor (who I don’t know), in testimony before Congress! Do Nothing Democrats allow Republicans Zero Representation, Zero due process, and Zero Transparency....

Remember, the Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional races this year. In Senate, I said Roy M would lose in Alabama and supported Big Luther Strange - and Roy lost. Virginia candidate was not a “Trumper,” and he lost. Good Republican candidates will win BIG!

There is literally zero evidence that Lt. Col. Vindman is a "Never Trumper," just as there was zero evidence Ambassador Bill Taylor was a "Never Trumper." None.

Just got back only to hear of a last minute change allowing a Never Trumper attorney to help Robert Mueller with his testimony before Congress tomorrow. What a disgrace to our system. Never heard of this before. VERY UNFAIR, SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. A rigged Witch Hunt!