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This father just destroyed his representative over Trumpcare
🚨Red Alert🚨

#Trumpcare is back & Senate GOP has until Sept 30 to pass their bill. We need your voices more than ever!
If you're waiting for the right moment to call your Senator about Trumpcare, the moment is now. Don't wait until it's too late. 202-224-3121
So the idea is to buy votes for Trumpcare by promising Senators that their states can keep Obamacare.

Irony, meet your definition.
If you live in WV, AZ, KS, AK, ME, or OH, America is depending on you to make your senator's life hell until Trumpcare is dead again.
Let me repeat: The Graham-Cassidy @SenateGOP "health care" bill IS Trumpcare, & it will rip health care away from millions of Americans.
New name, same Trumpcare. Graham-Cassidy takes health care away from millions to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest few. Keep up the fight.
.@realDonaldTrump failed so hard with “TrumpCare”, that today he’s focused only in destroying a working and successful health system.
This is not a drill. The GOP is back w/ another version of #Trumpcare & it's no better than their last plan. It's worse.
If an American is hit over head with a big sack of drugs flying over the wall, would it be covered by Trumpcare, or would Mexico pay for it?
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