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Prime Minster @AbeShinzo is coming up to Trump Tower for dinner but, most importantly, he just had a great landslide victory in Japan. I will congratulate him on behalf of the American people!
President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you actually brought us closer.
John Kerry had illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime, which can only serve to undercut our great work to the detriment of the American people. He told them to wait out the Trump Administration! Was he registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act? BAD!
The Trump administration is forcing children as young as toddlers to represent themselves in immigration courts
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Trump admin moves $260M from cancer research, HIV/AIDS and other programs to cover custody of immigrant children costs
“President Trump would need a magic wand to get to 4% GDP,” stated President Obama. I guess I have a magic wand, 4.2%, and we will do MUCH better than this! We have just begun.
Footage of Debra Katz, the attorney representing Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, protesting President Trump at a Resistance rally.

She says:

“We are going to fight back. We are going to Resist. We will not be silenced.”

Be a shame if people shared this.
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Why did CNN pay him to lie everyday in defense of Trump? Why does CNN believe the audience needs to hear lying defenders of Trump? Why?
President Trump, Dr. Blasey Ford did not want her story of sexual assault to be public. She requested confidentiality and I honored that. It wasn’t until the media outed her that she decided to come forward. You may not respect women and the wishes of victims, but I do.
"The idea I am kneeling in water to make it look deep is idiotic."

@andersoncooper debunks the lies being spread by Donald Trump Jr., and others who falsely claimed he and his team exaggerated the severity of Hurricane Florence. #KeepingThemHonest
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