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This will be called the #TrumpShutdown. There is no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than President Trump.
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trump became president the same year people started eating tide pods
This is not Chuck Schumer’s shutdown. This is not Mitch McConnell’s shutdown. This is Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s shutdown. This is the result of a confused, chaotic White House.
President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you actually brought us closer.
The fact that Trump has lifted President Obama's ban on elephant trophies being imported into the country is a devastating blow to the survival of these beautiful animals. It's savage and pointless. It breaks my heart.
"Your silence and your amnesia is complicity”: Sen. Cory Booker unleashes on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after she says she doesn’t remember President Trump using the word “shithole” to refer to African countries at the DACA meeting
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The anniversary of the devastating earthquake 8 years ago is a day to remember the tragedy, honor the resilient people of Haiti, & affirm America’s commitment to helping our neighbors. Instead, we‘re subjected to Trump’s ignorant, racist views of anyone who doesn’t look like him.
Donald Trump ran for President as the great “negotiator.” Well, he negotiated his way into a completely unnecessary shutdown on the one year anniversary of his inauguration.

Time to make a deal to protect Dreamers and CHIP, Mr. President.
Trump knew within minutes no missile was hurtling toward Hawaii. He was golfing. They told him. He did not tweet out that info. He kept golfing. People thought they & their families were going to die FOR 38 MINS. Then when the panic was over he tweeted how media is so mean to him
Some great news: We need just one more vote, from one more Senator, to have enough votes to reverse the Trump administration’s #NetNeutrality repeal. Keeping our internet free and open to everyone could not be more important. Contact your Senators today!
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