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President Trump RIGHT NOW could sign an executive order that would give frontline federal workers hazard pay. If he doesn’t, we’ll do everything we can to make sure frontline workers get the hazard pay they deserve. These are brave people on the frontlines of this fight.

A cadre of pro-Trump right wing media outlets is now trashing Dr. Fauci — a smear campaign to paint him as part of the “deep state” — @isaacstanbecker  reports

"President Trump, right now, you have a great opportunity to continue to do the good that you've done with implementing the First Step Act and using your executive power for clemency.” @TheLOHM 

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Trump's right that 0 interest rates are a great excuse to spend on infrastructure. But now's a bad time to use it as stimulus, for both economic and public health reasons. A solution? Pass the bill now, but start the work once the outbreak ends.

Joe Biden is the worst imaginable challenger to Trump right now, says @ryanlcooper :

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How can so many Americans love Trump right now? @DamonLinker  explains the awful truth about Trump.

"I don’t think the public wants to hear criticism of Trump right now,” says an outside adviser to Biden.

I'm only half-listening to Trump right he talking about @TomBrady ???

Expert: Trump Right, World Health Organization Wrong on Coronavirus Death Rate: s we have reported for weeks now.

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Now is the time for a comeback of conservative ideas. How conservatism can keep the left - and, more importantly, the Trump-right - in check in a time of crisis.👇🏻


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Donald Trump right now: "We are winning." Under what freckin' metrics, is the United States "winning" against #coronavirus ? Thousands of Americans are being infected and falling ill each day, and fatalities are quickly increasing. This is complete BS propaganda.

the white house is going to recommend an end to social distancing, some states and localities are going to follow suit, cases are going to explode, people are going to die, and everyone involved in this catastrophe — from trump right down to his defenders — will claim innocence.

1000s of angry NewYorkers headed 2 meet Trump right now @ the Battleship Intrepid. What he & the Repub House did today deserves the outrage.

The President has fought tooth-and-nail to keep thousands of documents away from the public. And no wonder – each time new pieces come out, they show President Trump right at the center of the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.

This literally ran in the Baltimore Sun. Trump's right: Declare Baltimore a 'disaster' and rebuild it - Baltimore Sun

Think about if you went through a trial, but you weren't allowed to call any witnesses. That's what Speaker Pelosi is doing to President Trump right now. This entire process is a sham.

"Trump right: Illegal families crossing border set to double, 51,152 so far"

Republicans just eliminated a 100-year-old Senate policy to jam President Trump's right-wing judicial nominees through the Senate as quickly as possible. Our letter to Chairman Grassley: #CourtsMatter 

Preacher's daughter @SarahHuckabee  defends Trump's right to "hit back harder." Jesus disagrees: "turn the other cheek." @TheLastWord  10pm