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One thing to note: the WH meeting is part of the impeachment articles. It's already an established lever for Trump's extortion of Ukraine into manufacturing dirt on Biden. And it still hasn't happened!

EXCLUSIVE: Kyiv officials were hoping for a statement of support from Trump in advance of Ukraine’s big summit with Russia. Instead, the president hosted Putin’s main man

Asked about Pres. Trump’s desire for Ukraine to investigate debunked conspiracy theory pushed by Rudy Giuliani and others, FBI Dir. Chris Wray tells @PierreTABC , “we have no information” supporting the theory.

EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani's indicted pals, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, met with the CEO of a state-owned gas giant in a bid to broker U.S. gas exports to Ukraine at Trump's D.C. hotel.

The Trump hotel meeting, which has not previously been reported, is also the latest sign of a sustained attempt by Parnas and Fruman to set up a lucrative energy deal for themselves with Ukraine’s most important energy company.

RS Schumer3: -- Re: Trumpworld's defense of conduct re Ukraine: "They try to create a shiny object, a diversion, and, unfortunately, too many of the news media -- on the right -- will spend time on that diversion and repeat Trump's claim that the actual facts are false.

In a conversation with @Lawrence , @ezraklein  imagines what the political world would look like if Donald Trump’s Ukraine scheme had never been exposed.

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Trump should’ve been impeached over the Mueller Report findings. Waiting led to these Ukraine disclosures, highly impeachable, but the forbearance also effectively raised the bar for impeachment, and the bar for GOP chutzpah, now limitless.


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Doesn’t matter what the Dems write. 4 facts will never change: -The call transcript shows no linkage -President Trump and President Zelensky both say no pressure -Ukraine didn’t know aid was held up at the time of the call -Ukraine never took any action to get aid released (1/3)

Breaking News: The President of Ukraine has just again announced that President Trump has done nothing wrong with respect to Ukraine and our interactions or calls. If the Radical Left Democrats were sane, which they are not, it would be case over!

This all comes back to President Donald J. Trump. He is the one who prevented the White House meeting. He is the one who withheld the military assistance. He is the one who asked Ukraine's President to investigate his opponent. He is the one who violated his oath.

Let's set the record straight: Trump wasn't working to help Ukraine root out corruption. On the July 25 call, he didn't ask Zelensky about any issue related to Ukraine's oligarchs. He did ask about the Bidens. Trump's only focus was his own personal, political gain.

My Republican colleagues suggest that since Trump's Ukraine scheme failed, since someone blew the whistle and the aid was ultimately released, that it doesn’t really matter if he tried to bribe a foreign power with military aid. The Constitution says otherwise.

UPDATE: On my way back from Lebanon. People there are shaking their heads as Trump still refuses to send congressionally mandated security aid. Lebanon may become the next Ukraine or Kurds. Let me tell you how dangerous this moment is. It’s important and you need to know.

🚨WOW 🚨 Hey@nytimes , Look what I found after 27 seconds of searching the internet: Trump telling everyone on earth that he is asking AG Barr to look at UK, Australia & Ukraine for the Russia Hoax. Hey normal people, Please RT this so all the DNC propaganda journos see it:

Trump has now twice sought foreign interference in our elections to help him politically, first from Russia, and now from Ukraine. This president threatens the integrity of our elections, and Congress must consider the remedy. It cannot wait. The urgency is real.

If this is how President Trump acts with the president of the Ukraine when many people are on the phone what does he say to Putin when no one is around?

We’ve learned so much about Trump’s months-long campaign to pressure Ukraine because military veterans & his own national security aides stood up to tell the truth. They put their country ahead of everything else. It’s not too late for Republicans in Congress to do the same.