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President Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum. After President Trump departs, we encourage all Mississippians and Americans to visit this historic civil rights museum.
Trump’s Best Words of 2017
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Poor pathetic Obama who never had an economy to be proud of is now trying to take credit for Trump’s economy
Trump’s pick for top environmental advisor is embarrassingly clueless. The environment is so screwed
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Watch Trump’s treasury secretary learn the hard way not to f*ck with Maxine Waters
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Dinosaur suit-wearing protesters march on Washington to protest Pres. Trump’s plan to slash the budget for national service programs.
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President Trump’s National Security Advisor pled guilty to a federal crime relating to his contacts with the Russian Government. This is not normal. This is not fake news. This is a serious threat to the national security of the United States.
Despite huge public opposition, Trump’s FCC chair is pushing forward to repeal #NetNeutrality rules. We need to keep a free and open internet.
Inside the US, CNN’s reporting is protected by the First Amendment and the courts. Outside the US, US-affiliated journalists do ultimately depend on the protection of the US government. Trump’s words are a direct attack on those international journalists' freedom & even safety
Two days after the Veterans Affairs secretary touted Trump’s support for homeless vets, his agency said it would cut funding for a major housing program serving vulnerable vets
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