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@TomFitton  made the following statement regarding the Senate’s vote to acquit @realDonaldTrump : "Congratulations to President Trump on the overwhelming vote by the U.S. Senate to acquit him & reject the baseless impeachment charges." Read:

@SuzieHanks  @JoeBidenWon’t Talk LIKE trump,Cruel & Vindictive.trumps Viciousness & Insanity Has NEVER HAPPENED Before. Trump’s Huge,Personal Machine Is White House, Pentagon, Department of Justice,FBI,CIA & Every Other Agency trump Has in his pocket.Oh,Forgot Senate. We Are Not Safe in US

“I did consider that,” Biden says when asked about testifying in Senate impeachment trial. But decided against it because that would be “playing Trump’s game.”

Senate rebukes Trump, votes to limit Iran war making ability

The consensus view of the CIA, NSA, FBI and a Senate investigation is that Russians interfered in the 2016 election. But those findings don't line up with the ever-evolving story President Trump has been telling about Ukraine.

President Trump's proposed budget would cut 21% from the foreign aid budget. @NancyPelosi : "I do believe there will be bipartisan support, House and Senate, to get rid of most of those cuts... Because he soft power of our diplomacy is very important in keeping the peace."

In private meetings and written instructions to lawmakers, Nancy Pelosi emphasized that House Democrats must pivot after the Senate acquittal of President Trump and focus on preserving their majority

Since he was acquitted by the Senate, President Trump has turned paranoia into policy, purging his White House of career officials, bringing back loyalists and tightening the circle around him to a smaller and more faithful coterie of confidants

US Senate strikes symbolic blow against Trump by limiting war powers toward Iran with new resolution


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“Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump. ‘When you strike at the King, Emerson famously said, “you must kill him.’ Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down. A triumphant Mr.Trump emerges from the.....

Dear Senate Republicans: President Trump didn’t learn any “lessons” when you excused his abuse of power. And now you are responsible for every new abuse he commits.

On the same day: - Two prosecutors have resigned from the DOJ to protest the administration’s intervention to lighten the sentence of one of Trump’s accomplices - The Senate GOP blocked votes on three bills to secure our elections The rule of law & our democracy are in crisis.

Here are my takeaways: Trump’s lawyers cannot, and did not, defend him on the facts. Their defense has evolved to this: he did it, so what? His lawyers strengthened our case that the Senate must hear from Bolton. A fair trial requires key witnesses. Will America have one?

President Trump was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. By refusing to call witnesses and compel documents, Senate Republicans have chosen to become accomplices in his cover-up. #DefendOurDemocracy 

This is why President Trump was impeached for obstruction of Congress, and why a Senate trial with no witnesses or documents is a cover-up. #EndTheCoverUp  #DefendOurDemocracy 

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I’ve never been in a courtroom where the accused can unilaterally block witnesses from testifying or prohibit prosecutors from asking witnesses questions. Yet that's what Trump and McConnell are doing. No court would let a trial to proceed this way—and neither should the Senate.

Remember when Pelosi was screaming that President Trump is a danger to our nation and we must move quickly. They didn’t get one Republican House vote, and lost 3 Dems. They produced no case so now she doesn’t want to go to the Senate. She’s all lies. Most overrated person I know!

Amb. Bolton reportedly heard directly from Trump that aid for Ukraine was tied to political investigations. The refusal of the Senate to call for him, other relevant witnesses, and documents is now even more indefensible. The choice is clear: our Constitution, or a cover-up.

The House cannot choose our impeachment managers until we know what sort of trial the Senate will conduct. President Trump blocked his own witnesses and documents from the House, and from the American people, on phony complaints about the House process. What is his excuse now?