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In his presentation during today's impeachment hearing, Republican counsel Steve Castor deployed a thoroughly debunked talking point to argue that Trump did nothing wrong when he pressured Zelensky to investigate Trump’s political enemies.

InfoWars host who called for Obama to be lynched interrupts impeachment hearing: “Trump is innocent”

Top House lawyers sparred with lawmakers and each other in an acrimonious hearing Monday over the impeachment case against President Donald Trump as Democrats prepare formal charges.​

WATCH: Democrats and Republicans used the only remaining scheduled public impeachment hearing to make their arguments for, or against, impeaching President Trump.

House Democrats plan to announce their articles of impeachment into President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning, pushing forward with their impeachment inquiry following a contention hearing on Monday.​

Key takeaways from a hearing in which congressional lawyers made their case to lawmakers on the impeachment of Pres. Trump:

Top House lawyers argued with lawmakers and between each other over the impeachment case against President Donald Trump in a bitter hearing Monday on Capitol Hill, as Democrats prepare formal charges.

The hearing for Democratic and Republican staff attorneys to present cases for and against Trump's impeachment saw the bitter partisan divide over the impeachment proceedings spilled into the open.

@AP  STORY: House Democrats plan to announce their articles of impeachment into President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning, pushing forward with their impeachment inquiry following a contentious hearing on Monday. #Denver7 

The announcement Tuesday will come one day after Rep. Jerry Nadler accused President Trump of putting "himself before country" at a chaotic hearing kicking off a two-week sprint likely to end in the third impeachment of a president in US history.


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BEFORE Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry on 9/24... BEFORE the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky on 7/25... BEFORE the Mueller hearing in Judiciary on 7/24... 16 Dem members of the Judiciary Committee voted to move forward with impeachment.

@RepJerryNadler  did an excellent job running a fair, substantive and important hearing. Our report found Trump withheld military aid and a WH meeting to get help with his re-election. Today’s experts made it clear this is precisely why the Founders provided for impeachment.

“Trump did nothing impeachable, day-by-day review of all impeachment hearing testimony shows” @GreggJarrett 

WATCH: Responding to Rep. Jordan's request for the whistleblower "who started it all" on Ukraine to come testify in the impeachment hearing, Rep. Welch says he would also welcome the person who started it all to come testify: President Trump.

Fake whistleblower who was not in room,writes fake complaint with no personal knowledge,leaked to fake news at NY Times,W Post etc,taken up by fake chairman Adam Schiff who opens hearing with fake quote from Trump as Pelosi launches fake impeachment effort-lots of fake in 1 party

The most important part of today’s hearing was Amb. Yovanovitch’s statement that she has no evidence that Trump received a bribe or that he committed a crime. This is an impeachment hearing. Not a personnel hearing. Not a foreign policy hearing. She saw no crime committed.

REPORT: "PresidentTrump’s reelection campaign announced that on Wednesday it raised over $3.1 million in donations – the same day as the first public hearing of the House’s impeachment inquiry into Trump."

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham says President Trump is not watching public impeachment hearing. She says: "He's in the Oval in meetings. Not watching. He's working." But, Pres. Trump, as I type, is retweeting videos of Republican lawmakers from the hearing.

Tomorrow’s hearing on the “Hatch Act” is just the latest attempt to silence the Trump administration. @KellyannePolls  is as tough as nails, and it’s shameful that she’s being dragged into the Democrats’ impeachment circus.

Wow the scoop on this new secret tape of Devin Nunes reveals: 1) Nunes secretly wants another Rosenstein impeachment push — just after SCOTUS hearing 2) Nunes admits foreign *collusion* on stolen email *is a crime* (A legal fact, but at odds with Trump legal team)