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education putin law trump economics macron philosophy may geography erdogan business abe political science mod

Putin: Law
Trump: Economics
Macron: Philosophy
May: Geography
Erdogan: Business
Abe: Political science
Modi: Political science
Merkel: PhD in physical chemistry
Xi Jinping: Chemical engineering and Doctor of Law
Joy Reid
meanwhile while we re all enraptured by russiagate trump and betsy devos are about to gut public education esp
Meanwhile, while we're all enraptured by Russiagate, Trump and Betsy DeVos are about to gut public education, especially for poor kids.
Michael Moore
the sec of education under george hw bush just called trump education nominee betsy devos the enemy of public
The Sec. of Education under George H.W. Bush just called Trump Education nominee Betsy DeVos "the enemy of public education."
Peter Alexander
trump s donation to dept of education 100000 spending cut to education in trump s proposed 2018 budget 9200000
Trump's donation to Dept of Education: $100,000.

Spending cut to education in Trump's proposed 2018 budget: $9,200,000,000.
The Hill
breaking trump ends michelle obama s girls education program
#BREAKING: Trump ends Michelle Obama's girls education program
@CNN 3 months
president trump responds to news that education secretary betsy devos was proposing a cut to special olympics
President Trump responds to news that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was proposing a cut to Special Olympics funding: “I just authorized a funding of the Special Olympics. ... I have overridden my people, we’re funding the Special Olympics”
The Associated Press
breaking trump administration imposes major new restrictions on us travel to cuba banning many education and r
BREAKING: Trump administration imposes major new restrictions on US travel to Cuba, banning many education and recreational trips.
Donald Trump Jr.
great job ivankatrump ivanka trump leads new campaign for good paying jobs fix education
Great job ⁦@IvankaTrump⁩ 🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

Ivanka Trump leads new campaign for 'good paying jobs,' fix education
Alyssa Milano
trump supporters i have a super basic question for you im being sincere and id like to have a real conversatio
Trump supporters! I have a super basic question for you. I’m being sincere and I’d like to have a real conversation about this.

Please watch this video and tell me that you feel confident this woman is going to make education better in this country.
trump and pence want 8 billion for the space force meanwhile trump proposed 37 billion in cuts to education 17
Trump and Pence want $8 billion for the space force.

Meanwhile, Trump proposed $3.7 billion in cuts to education, $17 billion in cuts to food stamps, and $6.6 billion in cuts to housing
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