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Asia begins negative amid increasing trade pessimism after suggestions phase one deal may not be signed this year and comments from President Trump that he doesn't think China is stepping up to the level he wants in trade talks; ASX 200 (-0.5%), Nikkei 225 (-0.3%), KOSPI (-0.2%)

2. Trump’s own national security strategy was geared towards “great power competition,” yet we’re shaking down and alienating our closest Asia-Pacific allies, our main comparative advantage against China.

Asia stocks set to slip amid concerns 'phase one' US-China trade deal may not be signed in 2019: Reuters reported, citing trade experts and people close to U.S. President Donald Trump's administration, the completion of a partial trade deal could be…

2,887 days for @Abe Shinzo⁩. But at what cost to Japan and Asia? Shinzo Abe’s legacy: a stagnant economy, loyalty to Donald Trump, deepening rivalries with China and the two Koreas – and the longest tenure as PM

The Trump administration’s policies in Asia are in disarray—an accumulation of self-inflicted debacles that are as puzzling as they are troubling, WPR columnist @hofrench  writes.

Today on WPR: Bolivia is teetering on the edge, the Trump administration’s policies in Asia are in disarray, and more.

ING - Good MornING Asia - 20 November 2019: The US-China trade war remains the key driver for markets with President Trump now threatening a fresh round of tariffs if there is no trade deal.

Asia stocks set to decline as Trump threatens higher tariffs if China doesn't strike a deal

Asia stocks set to decline as Trump threatens higher tariffs on China: U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to raise tariffs on Chinese goods if the two economic powerhouses do not strike a deal.


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“The U.S. Economy is the envy of the world, as Europe and Asia slide ever toward recession. But the Left is trying to avoid talking about the Trump Economy.” @IngrahamAngle  The Best Is Yet To Come.

Markets are crashing - all caused by poor planning and allowing China and Asia to dictate the agenda. This could get very messy! Vote Trump.

The denuclearization deal with North Korea is being praised and celebrated all over Asia. They are so happy! Over here, in our country, some people would rather see this historic deal fail than give Trump a win, even if it does save potentially millions & millions of lives!

Trump Asia trip a flop: POTUS acts like a lap dog to Xi and China, but talks tough to our friends in Southeast Asia. Presidency by misadventure.

#LDTPoll : Do you agree that by meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, President Trump has already changed the balance of power in Asia and loosened China’s hold over North Korean and its destitute citizens?

Markets react to Donald Trump win: - Asia shares plummet - European stocks plunge - Mexican peso falls

BREAKING: White House says Trump to address nation Monday night on strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia.

Kaine is right and Pence is wrong. Trump didn’t know about the Crimea annexation. He also said he was fine with nuclear arms race in Asia