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"46% of Americans think the Media is inventing stories about Trump & his Administration." @FoxNews It is actually much worse than this!
BREAKING: We're suing the Trump administration to block new rules allowing employers to deny insurance coverage for birth control.
Senator McCain says Trump administration not being up front about Niger attack
Trump administration denies Puerto Rico's request to waive the Jones Act, which it did for Harvey and Irma.
Donald Trump is now requiring local officials in Puerto Rico to praise his administration’s relief efforts. This is not how democracies work
Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey raises serious questions about what his administration is hiding.
BREAKING: A federal court granted an emergency motion to let Jane Doe, a young woman being held in a government-funded facility, to get an abortion after being blocked by the Trump administration.
Per @MSNBC just now. The Trump administration is potentially about to deport the wife of a U.S. soldier set to be deployed to Afghanistan.
Reporter: Is the Trump administration being up front about what happened in Niger?

"No," McCain said, per @KilloughCNN
20 hours
Sen. McCain: The Trump administration is not being forthcoming about the Niger attack that killed four US soldiers
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