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Big story here is Trudeau's use of "United States federal government," not "United States." Countries are distinguishing Trump from the USA.
Justin Trudeau appears on our cover. Is Canada's prime minister the free world's best hope?
Today I will meet with Canadian PM Trudeau and a group of leading business women to discuss women in the workforce.
An adviser to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has arrived in Pyongyang, according to North Korean media
Justin Trudeau photobombed these high school students’ prom picture during his jog in Vancouver.
Did Justin Trudeau just school President Trump in the most subtle way possible?
Trudeau, seeking ways to go around Trump, will be the first Canadian PM to address a US governors' conference:
Me watching Trudeau translate himself into French.
.@dbongino: Here’s my advice to liberals: Buy a plane ticket, go up north, and Justin Trudeau can be your president.
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