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I hope PM @JustinTrudeau and his family had a very enjoyable stay so far. I particularly look forward to meeting his children Xavier, Ella-Grace, and Hadrien. Here is a picture from my 2015 Canada visit, when I'd met PM Trudeau and Ella-Grace.
Justin Trudeau is what would happen if the song “Imagine” took human form and then ate a Tide Pod.
My understanding is that, under §45.2.11 of the Constitution of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau faces automatic impeachment if the United States also beats Canada at curling later today.
2017 World Yearbook

Most important:
Xi Jinping

Most likely to succeed:
Emmanuel Macron

Most popular:
Narendra Modi

Most improved:
Shinzo Abe

Most discussed:
Donald Trump

Most disappointing:
Aung Sang Suu Kyi

Most surprising:
Mohammed bin Salman

Best socks:
Justin Trudeau
Big story here is Trudeau's use of "United States federal government," not "United States." Countries are distinguishing Trump from the USA.
Famous people actually born on Christmas Day — Gregorian Calendar: Clara Barton, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Buffett, Annie Lennox, Rod Serling, Sissy Spacek, Justin Trudeau; Julian Calendar: Sir Isaac Newton
I would say Trudeau is as dumb as a mop but at least you can use the mop to clean up messes.
Today I will meet with Canadian PM Trudeau and a group of leading business women to discuss women in the workforce.
In celebration of Halloween, Justin Trudeau arrived for House duties dressed as Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego.
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Canadian PM Trudeau: Sharia law is compatible with democracy
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