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“An investigation into NOTHING.” The wonderful @trish_regan  on the Mueller Witch Hunt!

#RogerStone deserves a new trial with a fair jury | #TrishRegan  #FoxBusiness 

We will NEVER be socialists. Take that to the bank. #TrishRegan 

#PresidentTrump ACQUITTED … A major victory for America, our Constitution, our history, and our future! #TrishRegan 


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Trish_Regan: “Did the FBI follow protocol to obtain the FISA warrant? I don’t think so. The Dossier was opposition research funded by opponents. Don’t use Government resources to take down political foes. Weaponizing Government for gain.” Is this really America? Witch Hunt!

Today will go down as the day #PresidentTrump  won the #2020  election. #TrishRegan 

My daughter Ivanka will be on @trish_regan  tonight on @FoxBusiness  at 8:00 P.M., following the great @LouDobbs  at 7:00. Enjoy!

Venezuela DAY 4 — NO POWER. This is becoming quite serious and the humanitarian crisis is growing worse. #TrishRegan  #SinLuz  #SOSVenezuela 

#ICYMI on talks of military action in : “ #Venezuelahas  made it clear that while we hope for a peaceful transition, we hope that the diplomatic and economic pressure and the voice of nations around the world will result in a peaceful transition." TrishRegan