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Routes run by ARZ WRs last night: Christian Kirk 32 Larry Fitz 31 KeeSean Johnson 15 Andy Isabella 10 Pharoh Cooper 10 Trent Sherfield 2 Damiere Byrd 0 (healthy scratch)

KeeSean Johnson healthy scratch is a surprise. It will be interesting to see if Trent Sherfield simply replaces him, or if Kirk plays outside more with Byrd, and Isabella or Cooper work the slot with Fitz

@NFLonFOX  Dexter Lawrence was offsides. Janoris Jenkins interfered with Trent Sherfield. Pat Shurmur is throwing the red challenge flag because he thinks the Sherfield call was a bad one. I thought it was a legitimate call. We'll see.

That INC is all on Trent Sherfield. Terrible route

ARZ 4-WR set Sunday tentatively expected to be: * Larry Fitz and Pharoh Cooper in the slots. * KeeSean Johnson and Trent Sherfield outside.

If LWR Damiere Byrd is out this week, I expect Trent Sherfield to replace him. Andy Isabella worked strictly as a slot along with Fitz and Kirk during the preseason, with KeeSean at RWR. If Kirk or Fitz go down, that figures to be the time to add Isabella

Kyler Murray zips one through Trent Sherfield's hands on what could have been a 35-yard TD. #AZCardinals 

ARZ keeps both Damiere Byrd and Trent Sherfield, who both oddly played a ton with the Kyler Murray group during preseason.

ARZ probably just wanted a long look at Damiere Byrd, Trent Sherfield, KeeSean Johnson on the outside. But FWIW Kyler Murray has played 64 snaps this preseason & Christian Kirk has only been in on 30 of them. In slot 83% of the time. Larry Fitz in on 34 snaps, 91% slot.


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Trent Sherfield showing out with this TD catch 👏 @Channel__10  #LACvsAZ  📺: @nflnetwork  Watch on the NFL app:

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Trent Sherfield talks about what motivates him to put in the work for 2019 season. #Groundwork  | @Channel__10 

Coach Kingsbury discusses Kyler Murray's performance, Trent Sherfield's effort and more.

WR Trent Sherfield saw a lot of gun violence in his hometown. is hoping the awareness from his will help #MyCauseMyCleatsdecrease  that gun violence.

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CARDINALS INACTIVES QB Sam Bradford WR Kendall Wright WR Trent Sherfield RB T.J. Logan OL Blaine Clausell OL Korey Cunningham DE Ifeadi Odenigbo

Cowboys WR Lance Lenoir muffs another punt and this one rolls into the end zone. Arizona WR Trent Sherfield jumps on it for the touchdown. Cardinals lead.

Trent Sherfield recovers second Cowboys muffed punt in the end zone for a touchdown. Cardinals lead the Cowboys 7-0.