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The cherry blossom trees are budding!

Trees aren't as low-maintenance as we'd like to think.

Woah! 😮 The winter wonderland has some houses and trees have been completely encased in ice!

He was driving his truck from Al Bara to Balyoun around 1pm yesterday when an airstrike hit a car in front of him. He got out to check and saw soldiers among the nearby olive trees. At first, he thought they were Assad’s troops, but they were Turks.

D.C.'s famous cherry blossom trees have reached blossom stage one 🌸

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On this week’s show: Coronavirus containment window closing, whale skin care, gingko trees eternal youth, does cloud seeding work, and listening to the sounds of the Arctic.

A grandmother who admitted cutting down or killing 500 sitka spruce trees in a Coillte forest has vowed to desist from such activity after being warned that she faced a prison sentence

With the ability to plant trees six times faster, #TSSeattle  alum @DroneSeed  is helping to make a big impact on the environment.

Here's a SNEAK PEEK of the 2020 Park Quest Passport! This year's cover photo was a DNR Photo Contest Entry from the 2019 Park Quest Team "Three Little Trees"! Park Quest REGISTRATION opens on April 2 at 10am. For more info about the Park Quest Program:

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Dyson spheres and Dyson trees were part of my science and science fiction childhood. RIP Freeman Dyson -


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Taking care of our planet, is a matter of looking after our own home. We can no longer exploit the earth’s resources—the trees, water, air and minerals—with no care for the coming generations. I support young people’s protests at governments’ inaction over the climate crisis.

Ok, sounds legit, will donate 1M trees

YOU DID IT!!!! Trees' alt='TeamTrees' /'>#TeamTrees  has raised $20 million which means there will be 20 million trees planted! Thank you @MrBeastYT , @MarkRober  and all of the creators who made this a reality!???

Roll something and get the day started. Happy Holidaze. Light them trees up

Creators are joining together with a goal: to raise $20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees by 2020 #teamtrees  Get involved at ?

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EVERY $1 donated is one tree planted! ? Trees' alt='TeamTrees' /'>#TeamTrees  is a movement and their goal is to plant 20 million trees in 2020! ??? Help if you can: ?

I'm getting old. I was going to get a beautiful shot of the full moon through the budding trees for , and then I focused.

We’ll plant 2 billion trees over the next ten years. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

the streets are filled. the buildings are surrounded. people are in the trees. on roofs. on cars. everywhere. MEXICO i love it! thank u