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It will do nothing of that kind although stock markets will celebrate the income transfer from rural pockets to corporate treasuries b/c that means higher corporate profits. But stimulate the economy it will. This mere income transfer from poor too rich. Crassly stupid.

2. If I bought a car on the same week I Had to pay my taxes and this couldn’t do either, I am totally out of control. The banks bought US treasuries and then couldn’t pay for them on the same We they had to pay their scheduled taxes. Who is in accounting? Monkeys? Con’t

Great week for our core Asset Allocations during Global #Quad4  = Treasuries, Gold, REITS, Utes

One possibility is when people figure out what's happened, there is a move to pressurize the Fed to move towards substituting other assets for Treasuries while maintaining high reserve balances e.g. more MBS, perhaps various safe corporate bonds.

New York Fed Takes $75.0 Bln Of Treasuries And Securities In Repo Operation

Okay a calmer day for the US Federal Reserve Repo. Average interest-rates were 1.82% to 1.87% so fine but it was still $450 million short and curiously for someone(s) with US Treasuries as collateral.

All time lowest spread betw high yield & Treasuries on June 12, 2007 at 200 bp says @NYUStern 's Altman [June  22, 2007, Bear Stearns pledged collateralized loan of $3.2 billion to bail out their IG structured credit fund] #nyukbracreditcycle  @krollbondrating 

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NY Fed takes $75bln of treasuries and securities in repo operation $USD


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N.Y. FED TAKES $75B OF TREASURIES, SECURITIES IN REPO OP Yesterday $53BN Today $75BN Problem getting worse

Totally crazy! US 30y Treasuries yields plunge to 1.93%, the lowest ever seen. This is below the level of 3mth US Bonds, which are trading at 1.95%.

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the bond market just closed with inverted yield curve for Treasuries - a key indicator of looming recession - for the first time since 2007

Alarm bells are ringing louder in bond markets: -The yield on 30-year Treasuries fell below 2% for the first time -The world’s negative-yielding debt surpassed $16 trillion -The 10-year Treasury yield dipped below the two-year, stoking recession fears

If China drops the other shoe of selling US treasuries on the open market to send up yields, even as investors flee to treasuries, this thing gets REALLY ugly.

NEVER FORGET - CHINA OWNS a massive amount of US Treasuries Aggressively selling would be shooting themselves in the foot, but it would hurt us more. They could drive the price down and spike rates #tradewars  are not easy to win

China is discussing the possibility of dumping US Treasuries: Global Times

$81.2 billion in Treasuries have mysteriously vanished from Russia's books

December... S&P 500: -15% Dow: -15% Nasdaq 100: -15% Russell 2000: -17% Crude Oil: -16% $FB: -12% $AAPL: -18% $AMZN: -21% $NFLX: -19% $GOOGL: -11% $C: -24% $GS: -18% $MS: -17% $BAC: -20% $JPM: -17% *** Gold: +4% 20+ Treasuries'>Yr Treasuries: +6% Yen/Dollar: +3% Volatility Index $VIX: +100%

Trump is calling the recent "dip" in the stock market an incredible opportunity, and urging the public to buy. When the President urges citizens to buy stocks you known there's a problem. But when he urges citizens to buy Treasuries you'll know the problem has become a crisis!