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Gwen Grant, President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City touches on KCPD body cams during #BeHeardKC : "We have to make sure when they put those body cameras on, they're consistent in how they're wearing them, they're transparent with the data that they capture"

Most U.S. fact-checkers supported Twitter’s effort to label President Donald Trump’s tweets on mail-in balloting, but all agree the social media company needed to be transparent about its process.

“The very fact that we issue public corrections -- in the most transparent way possible -- is a testament to our commitment to getting it right. Now, contrast that approach to how President Trump and the White House operate.”

The president has said the investigations are an effort to muzzle his supporters and a transparent attack on their freedom to criticize political opponents and mock policies they disagree with, like the social distancing measures.

A new executive order by President Trump seeking to regulate content on social media is a transparent, unconstitutional effort to further “work the refs,” building on decades of illiberal activism that’s resulted in reporters engaging in false equivalency.

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[NEW] President@realDonaldTrump 's executive order on social media is a transparent attempt to stop his viral disinformation from being checked – not a valiant attempt to protect the free speech rights of all Americans.

Chinese health official pushed back against a Trump-promoted idea that Beijing hadn’t been fully transparent—a day after President Trump threatened to permanently cut off funding to the WHO

"The president just wanted to be transparent about his personal health decision that he made in consultation with his doctor." @PressSec  rips media reporting on @realDonaldTrump 's hydroxychloroquine prescription.

"The president just wanted to be transparent about his personal health decision that he made in consultation with his doctor." @PressSec  rips media reporting on @realDonaldTrump 's hydroxychloroquine prescription.

The White House Press Secretary is doing an interview on Fox and Friends right now. Says the president announced he’s taking hydroxychloroquine as a way to be transparent, makes a point of saying it must be prescribed by a doctor.


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No Collusion, No Obstruction - there has NEVER been a President who has been more transparent. Millions of pages of documents were given to the Mueller Angry Dems, plus I allowed everyone to testify, including W.H. counsel. I didn’t have to do this, but now they want more.....

In order to continue being the most Transparent President in history, I will be releasing sometime this week the Transcript of the first, and therefore most important, phone call I had with the President of Ukraine. I am sure you will find it tantalizing!

Today, Trump said he is the most transparent president in the history of our nation. If by transparent, he means opposing every request for documents and testimony by Congress, And obstructing Mueller’s investigation, Then I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

1. Excellent. I’ve never seen a more transparent, thorough, and professional presentation and discussion of a national and serious health matter by any president or administration — surrounded by experts and CEOs — as I saw today.

Trump says he is "the most transparent president, probably in the history of this country" cc: @danpfeiffer  Fact check: the White House doesn't even hold press briefings anymore. Pentagon hasn't briefed in a year. White House visitor logs kept secret.

Even after public hearings have begun, this is still happening today: - Secret depositions in the basement of the Capitol. - President’s lawyers not allowed in. - Dems leaking and breaking rules as they go along. And Speaker Pelosi claims this is a fair & transparent process?

President @realDonaldTrump  is the most open, transparent, and media-friendly leader in our country’s recent history—inviting the press to sit in on his Cabinet meeting for over an hour today. Highlights from the meeting:

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Trump this AM: "I have been the most transparent president and administration in the history of our country by far." Fact check: False. He never released his tax returns.

President Trump claims he's the most transparent president in history, but the White House has not held a press briefing in a record-breaking number of days "Sarah Sanders simply lies about everything, taking a cue from her boss." - Former White House correspondent Sam Donaldson

The President’s decision to publicly release a misleading memo attacking DOJ & FBI is a transparent attempt to discredit these institutions and undermine Mueller’s probe. We'll fight to release our classified response. Until then here's a glimpse at what's wrong with their memo: