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Don’t want to get lost in translation? Let your Google Assistant be your real-time interpreter by saying, #HeyGoogle , help me speak Spanish." Here’s how to use interpreter mode in 44 languages, rolling out on phones today →

“It’s been a devastating night so far.” Shadow business secretary, @RLong_Bailey  tells Sky News that Labour’s Brexit policy “got lost in translation". #GE2019  Follow the #GeneralElection  results live:

It's fascinating to me how much being just brutally oafish and kind of gleefully repellent and dumb seems central to the Tories' brand and broader pitch. I don't understand how it works, and it might not be a choice at all, but I sense something lost in translation there.

Luka Doncic's star power needs no translation in Mexico#NBAMexicoCityGames 

Luka Doncic's star power needs no translation in Mexico. 👉 :

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#OliviaWilde took to Twitter to discuss her controversial role in #ClintEastwood 's 'Richard Jewell,' adding that her earlier interview comments had been "lost in translation."

WSJ: US negotiators have offered to slash existing tariffs by as much as half on roughly $360 billion of Chinese-made goods as well as to cancel a new round of levies set to take effect Sunday, according to people briefed on the matter—Translation: Trump is caving in.

@Google  brings real-time translation to your phone with Interpreter mode! Rolling out on iOS and Android today!

Google brings ‘Interpreter Mode’ language translation to the Assistant on smartphones by @gsterling 

so far the don agreed to something the other side has not asked for. maybe 'removal off all tariffs, including existing ones' got lost in translation ;-) one thing is for sure, this is going to be messy into sunday at the very least...


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@halsey  just dropped a new song with BTS' Suga titled #SUGAsInterlude  - listen to the track and read the lyrics + Englishtranslation here!

Speaker of the U.S. House of says its “dangerous” to “let the election decide” if @POTUS  should remain in office. Translation? “We can’t trust backwards,uneducated,everyday people to decide the Presidency, this must be decided by the enlightened people in Washington D.C.”

"It didn't quite go as planned" - Translation: I may have caused irreversible damage on a monumental scale

Agree to election on 12th Dec & you can have a few more days to scrutinise my Brexit deal @BorisJohnson  says. Translation = I said I’d leave the EU do or die & no ifs or buts on October 31st but I can’t. So, let’s have a row about an election rather than a pledge I can’t deliver

English translation of Mueller: Trump would have been indicted if he weren’t president.

Translation: The US press is being booted out of the hotel where we have spent days setting up our workspace.

Rosenstein interviews with where he says Mueller investigation is “appropriate and independent.” Translation—there’s time for media spin to justify Mueller probe but no time to answer questions from Congress about his statement on recording the President.

Translation: they want to stall as long as possible and redact more than nescessary to cover up for themselves. Give me a break. Release it all and let the people decide for themselves.

A short clip that sums up this G7 summit: look who has chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host's speech #G6 

Translation: Private prison industry poured millions into Trump campaign. Private prison stock soared after election. He's backscratching.