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Rev transcripts have never turned around so quickly - under an hour when it’s normally five or six. Must be a lot of people with not much else doing.

A former admissions official at USC will plead guilty to helping unqualified graduate students from China gain acceptance to the school with doctored transcripts and bogus recommendation letters.

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In the Quanta podcast “The Joy of x,” host @stevenstrogatz  interviews some of the world’s leading scientists. We’ve now provided transcripts for the first two episodes. Find them here, and look for a new transcript each week:

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Did Trump call coronavirus a hoax? What about Biden? Here’s what the transcripts say

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Did Trump call coronavirus a hoax? What about Biden? Here’s what the transcripts say

Former @USC  admissions official to plead guilty to altering transcripts & providing fraudulent documents to under-qualified international students from China for graduate admission.

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Did Trump call coronavirus a hoax? What about Biden? Here’s what the transcripts say


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The Impeachment Hoax, just a continuation of the Witch Hunt which started even before I won the Election, must end quickly. Read the Transcripts, see the Ukrainian President’s strong statement, NO PRESSURE - get this done. It is a con game by the Dems to help with the Election!

No matter how many witnesses you give the Democrats, no matter how much information is given, like the quickly produced Transcripts, it will NEVER be enough for them. They will always scream UNFAIR. The Impeachment Hoax is just another political CON JOB!

Why should I have the stigma of Impeachment attached to my name when I did NOTHING wrong? Read the Transcripts! A totally partisan Hoax, never happened before. House Republicans voted 195-0, with three Dems voting with the Republicans. Very unfair to tens of millions of voters!

The Democrats don’t want a Witness Trade because Shifty Schiff, the Biden’s, the fake Whistleblower(& his lawyer), the second Whistleblower (who vanished after I released the Transcripts), the so-called “informer”, & many other Democrat disasters, would be a BIG problem for them!

Had failed presidential candidate @MittRomney  devoted the same energy and anger to defeating a faltering Barack Obama as he sanctimoniously does to me, he could have won the election. Read the Transcripts!

I hope Republicans & the American people realize that the totally partisan Impeachment Hoax is exacty that, a Hoax. Read the Transcripts, listen to what the President & Foreign Minister of Ukraine said (“No Pressure”). Nothing will ever satisfy the Do Nothing, Radical Left Dems!

Many believe that by the Senate giving credence to a trial based on the no evidence, no crime, read the transcripts, “no pressure” Impeachment Hoax, rather than an outright dismissal, it gives the partisan Democrat Witch Hunt credibility that it otherwise does not have. I agree!

We now have both the April and July calls between President Trump and President Zelensky. Once again, no linkage of any kind. The WH has displayed unprecedented transparency. Meanwhile, Democrats haven’t even released all of the deposition transcripts.

Can you believe that I will be impeached today by the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, AND I DID NOTHING WRONG! A terrible Thing. Read the Transcripts. This should never happen to another President again. Say a PRAYER!