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The WA Government has denied Traditional Owner’s request for a freeze to all grants already approved under section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act reports. @rangihirini 

Small but significant detail emerged from our interviews on @RNBreakfast  - lawyers for PKKP traditional owners of the Juukan caves DID follow instructions from Ken Wyatt and got in contact with Enviro Minister Sussan Ley. They say they did not get a call back before the blast.

The traditional owners of 46,000-year-old rock shelters say they repeatedly stressed the cultural and archaeological significance of the site before it was blown up. Rio Tinto says it was a misunderstanding. A real jaw dropper, this yarn.

Rio Tinto iron ore chief executive Chris Salisbury says the company is sorry and wants to repair its relationship with traditional owners, but refuses to say whether reparations are being considered.

Traditional office-related expenses will be supplanted by claims from business owners and their employees working from home offices.

Tomorrow on @RNBreakfast  you'll hear excerpts of the doco Rio Tinto funded with traditional owners explaining how important the Juukan caves were to them. We have also obtained extracts of archeological surveys completed on the site dating back to 2004. 7.35am. Don't miss it.

Traditional owners say Rio Tinto knew importance of caves razed for mine #MINING 

“We can’t move back, we can’t keep looking backwards, we want to repair our relationship with traditional owners”. - Rio Tinto Iron Ore CEO Chris Salisbury in an intv with @RNBreakfast  on destruction of 46,000 year old caves in the Juukan Gorge. Full interview Friday 7.35am

Traditional land owners in Australia say @RioTinto  knew importance of caves that were blown up for mine

Rio Tinto’s claim that it had an ‘understanding’ with traditional owners about the site has been rubbished by locals. #7NEWS 


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So, turns out in 2015 Rio Tinto even made a documentary WITH the PKKP traditional owners about the archeological discoveries in Juukan Gorge. Whilst Rio Tinto has apologised for destroying the 46,000 year old site it defies belief they did not know how important the sites were.

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt confirms he was approached last week by representatives of the traditional owners trying to prevent the destruction of 46,000 year old sites of cultural significant by Rio Tinto in the Pilbara

Rio Tinto apologises to traditional owners after blasting 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site

Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory are concerned that mining FIFO workers are not being tested for COVID-19 when they enter the Territory as they're considered an 'essential service'. They want this to change.

Owners say the property was saved by the traditional Indigenous technique of cultural burning conducted on their land three years ago #AustralianFires 

Uluru today was closed to climbers permanently by the Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife, respecting the wishes of the rock's traditional owners. Anangu are the traditional owners of Uluru-Kata Tjuta, and have formally owned the land since the early 1980s

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Fracking companies want to silence Traditional Owners and Remote Aboriginal communities who say no fracking on their land. But they’re powerful and they’re standing up to protect country. Share this video now ?

This is putrid. Morrison secretly approved a uranium mine against the wish of Traditional Owners. It will produce 36M tonnes of radioactive waste & damage precious groundwater for hundreds of years. We stand with the Tjiwarl Traditional Owners fighting this mine in court.

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Whether you're mourning, rallying or even commemorating this significant day, it is important to acknowledge traditional owners and their lands on which you are currently meeting. #AlwaysWillBe