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The day Ivanka Trump dined with Xi Jinping, her company won provisional approval for new China trademarks @AP finds.
After Trump took office, a whole slew of his trademarks were quickly approved in China. Coincidence? I doubt it.
China just approved 38 registered trademarks for the Trump brand. Here's what the new logo looks like: Emoluments®
Are the 38 trademarks China granted the President today his reward for failing to name China a currency manipulator?
If seeking gambling trademarks from China doesn't violate the Constitution, I don't know what does.
5 months
President Trump is on his way to getting something he has wanted for a long time: valuable trademarks in China.
Trump promised no new foreign deals while he's president.

The Trump org just applied for new trademarks in China.
The same day Ivanka Trump ate dinner with Xi Jinping, her company won provisional approval for new China trademarks.
.@POTUS: "We will safeguard the copyrights, the patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property."
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President Trump says "I have nothing to do with Russia." Trademarks suggest otherwise.
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