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Vince McMahon sold $100 million worth of WWE stock today to fund Alpha Entertainment, which he created, in part, to fund a pro football venture.

Alpha Entertainment filed for 5 trademarks last week to the "XFL."

Draw your own conclusions.
The day Ivanka Trump dined with Xi Jinping, her company won provisional approval for new China trademarks @AP finds.
After Trump took office, a whole slew of his trademarks were quickly approved in China. Coincidence? I doubt it.
China just approved 38 registered trademarks for the Trump brand. Here's what the new logo looks like: Emoluments®
The issue of handling and resolution of grievances related to patents and trademarks was discussed during today’s PRAGATI session.
Change it all, @Indians. The name, the logo, all of it. Relinquish your trademarks, and bury one of the most conspicuously racist images in sports. I am glad that I won't have to see a red Sambo on my hometown team's uniforms, but this here is piecemeal.
Are the 38 trademarks China granted the President today his reward for failing to name China a currency manipulator?
Ronda Rousey has filed for three trademarks to "Rowdy Ronda Rousey."
11 months
President Trump is on his way to getting something he has wanted for a long time: valuable trademarks in China.
The same day Ivanka Trump ate dinner with Xi Jinping, her company won provisional approval for new China trademarks.
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