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Tracey: The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation
Michael Tracey on the new establishment conformism running through the western social prestige classes
HE JUST CALLED HER THE WRONG NAME!!! After 30 mins of their date, he called her Terry...her name is Tracey
1. Tracey is prob gonna go home wit "Dan"
2. Ladies...don't go home with guys like "Dan"
3. Live tweet 1st dates without ppl knowin.
No, William, 'Tracey' is not a sodding name option. One doesn't care what Pippa Middleton suggested. #RoyalBaby
No joke, I just followed them out (without paying yet) and Tracey just peaced out!!! Tracey-1, Dan-0!!!! Note to self: Do this more often...
Dan has a mullet...and a beard...2 things that could be love blinding Tracey...hurry the hell up Tracey, Jesus, the audience is waiting...
Awkward silence followed by a bathroom break on his part...I can't get a read on Tracey yet
Dan just said "my feet hurt all the time"...TRACEY ASKED FOR THE CHECK!!! Hell yes Tracey!
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