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Lego reportedly requested affiliate partners stop the sale of emergency services-related toys, like police officer and fire brigade sets, according to an official email obtained by The Toy Book.

CLAIM: LEGO pulled police- and White House-themedtoys in response to nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd. RATING: ❌ False

PARENTS LISTEN UP: @LEGO_Group  IS NOW STOPPING THE ADVERTISING FOR POLICE 🚔 LEGO’S!!! This is flat out anti-police tell kids they should not play with police 👮‍♀️ toys!!!! #BOYCOTTLEGOS  PLEASE RT!

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Cupcake wants me to cover him up with toys for his afternoon nap. Does anybody else’s dog like this?

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LEGO stops marketing police-themed toys 'in light of recent events'

Lego pulls ads for cop-related toys in wake of George Floyd's death

I've decided best part of being a dad—pretending to buy nostalgic toys for my kids. They are for me. The greatest transformer ever: SHOCKWAVE (with Laserbeak cassette inside) With my youngest (Bodhi)

Have you visited our amazing HOTD Shop? We have beautiful products for almost everyone including Dhikr mugs, cute toys to help our children pray, books, hijabs, Islamic bookmarks + much more! Visit here:

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Why Ancient Toys Are Elusive Artifacts. Children have always played. But evidence of their pretend worlds and games is hidden in the archeological record.


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My garage looking like an indoor dealership with a few light toys.

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Do more with Dolittle. Give a gift by asking "Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots." #Dolittle  #AskAlexa 

1/ People are buying diapers, wipes, soaps and toys to donate to children in overcrowded migrant detention centers. But they're being turned away.

When Luke leaves his toys in your room

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Surprised my beliebers at a screening of #believemovie  & gave toys with the crew. Watching the movie with them. This is what it's all about

Today we pray for all the children who are not allowed to be born, who cry with hunger, who hold weapons in their hands instead of toys.

This Senate candidate got arrested trying to deliver toys and supplies to detained children

AP story: officials scolded "a group of 5-year-olds for playing around in their cage, telling them to settle down. There are no toys or books." One boy was "quiet, clutching a piece of paper that was a photocopy of his mother's ID card" "IN THEIR CAGE"

"Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest

Mike Philips is like a child throwing his toys out of the pram! his attitude is terrible, looks like a right arrogant idiot