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Donald J. Trump
because the economy is so good general motors must get their lordstown ohio plant open maybe in a different fo
Because the economy is so good, General Motors must get their Lordstown, Ohio, plant open, maybe in a different form or with a new owner, FAST! Toyota is investing 13.5 $Billion in U.S., others likewise. G.M. MUST ACT QUICKLY. Time is of the essence!
Donald J. Trump
congratulations toyota big news for us auto workers the usmca is already fixing the broken nafta deal
Congratulations @Toyota! BIG NEWS for U.S. Auto Workers! The USMCA is already fixing the broken NAFTA deal.
Donald Trump Jr.
toyota ups investment in us plants to 13 billion adds 600 jobs
Toyota ups investment in US plants to $13 billion, adds 600 jobs
Donald J. Trump
good news toyota and mazda announce giant new huntsville alabama plant which will produce over 300000 cars and
Good news: Toyota and Mazda announce giant new Huntsville, Alabama, plant which will produce over 300,000 cars and SUV’s a year and employ 4000 people. Companies are coming back to the U.S. in a very big way. Congratulations Alabama!
Fernando Alonso
yes thanks sebring what a weekend i wanted this one wec toyota sebring
YES!!!! Thanks Sebring, what a weekend! I wanted this one 🏆!!! #wec #toyota #sebring 🇺🇸
Donald J. Trump
toyota motor said will build a new plant in baja mexico to build corolla cars for us no way build plant in us
Toyota Motor said will build a new plant in Baja, Mexico, to build Corolla cars for U.S. NO WAY! Build plant in U.S. or pay big border tax.
Donald J. Trump
toyota amp mazda to build a new 16b plant here in the usa and create 4k new american jobs a great investment i
Toyota & Mazda to build a new $1.6B plant here in the U.S.A. and create 4K new American jobs. A great investment in American manufacturing!
Robert Costa
doug jones today a serious question that you have to ask yourself is this does the idea of senator roy moore m
Doug Jones today: “A serious question that you have to ask yourself is this: Does the idea of Senator Roy Moore make it more or less likely that Toyota or anyone else would see Alabama’s image in such a negative way that they would cross Alabama off of their list and move on?”
The Int'l Spectator
apple has greater market value than the following companies combined boeing toyota mcdonalds nike volkswagen g
Apple has greater market value than the following companies combined:

- Boeing
- Toyota
- McDonalds
- Nike
- Volkswagen
- General Motors
- Airbus
- Adidas
- Twitter
@McLarenF1 9 months
hes done it wins the 24 hours of le mans congratulations to him and his toyota teammates
He’s done it! WINS the 24 Hours of Le Mans! 🏁🏆 Congratulations to him and his Toyota teammates. 👏 #LeMans24
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