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The last remaining perfect bracket left in ESPN's Tourney Challenge has Kansas losing to Duke in the National Championship, 58-0.
Underhand free throws are back in the tourney
Purdue is playing a crap Minnesota team, and locked into the No. 3 seed at B1G tourney, and Mackey Arena is standing-room-only more than 20 minutes before tip-off. This is how you send off your seniors.
Have you seen @cediosman tearing up the @FIBA #EuroBasket2017 Tourney? Watch our swingman work! #TheFirstCedi 🇹🇷 👊
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Villanova is in position for another Big East title and 1-seed in the NCAA tourney.

@Wendys #WoodenAward candidate Jalen Brunson is a huge reason why.
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Next week's PK80 tourney basically looks like a Sweet 16.

The custom Nike unis look pretty sweet too.
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So this happened today.

The 89-point win is the largest in women's tourney history ... by 15 points.
Kevin Ware, the Louisville guard who suffered a gruesome injury in 2013 tourney, is moving on with Georgia State.
95 of the 11.57 million brackets filled on in ESPN's Tourney Challenge are still perfect.

That's 0.0008 percent.
Damn shame for Wichita State. The Committee denied us all these games in the second weekend. A poorly seeded tourney. Bummer.
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