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The last remaining perfect bracket left in ESPN's Tourney Challenge has Kansas losing to Duke in the National Championship, 58-0.
Breaking: Michael Porter Jr. set to play Thursday in SEC Tourney, per @finebaum
Underhand free throws are back in the tourney

The Ramblers are headed to the Sweet 16 for the first time since their last tourney appearance in 1985.
Bama's tourney hopes were on the verge of disappearing.

Collin Sexton would NOT let it happen.
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Scrap the NHL All-Star Game. A shorter World Junior tourney takes its place during a longer NHL holiday break. NHL teams required to make their junior-age players available. All hockey eyes on improved WJHC. NHL stars get needed rest. All those in favour...
Have you seen @cediosman tearing up the @FIBA #EuroBasket2017 Tourney? Watch our swingman work! #TheFirstCedi 🇹🇷 👊
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The defending champs are out!

Texas A&M dominates UNC as Roy Williams loses a tourney game by 20+ for the first time EVER.
Kevin Ware, the Louisville guard who suffered a gruesome injury in 2013 tourney, is moving on with Georgia State.
For the first time EVER.

Texas Southern wins its first NCAA Tourney game, going 0-7 prior to tonight.
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