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Breaking: Michael Porter Jr. set to play Thursday in SEC Tourney, per @finebaum
The last remaining perfect bracket left in ESPN's Tourney Challenge has Kansas losing to Duke in the National Championship, 58-0.

The Ramblers are headed to the Sweet 16 for the first time since their last tourney appearance in 1985.
Bama's tourney hopes were on the verge of disappearing.

Collin Sexton would NOT let it happen.
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The defending champs are out!

Texas A&M dominates UNC as Roy Williams loses a tourney game by 20+ for the first time EVER.
Underhand free throws are back in the tourney
For the first time EVER.

Texas Southern wins its first NCAA Tourney game, going 0-7 prior to tonight.
The Ohio Valley might need to get a new rim for its conference tourney.
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Michigan moves on!

The Wolverines make the Sweet 16 for the 4th time in their last 5 tourney appearances.
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