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Don’t expect Boris to know how many more nurses there will be when he doesn’t know how many children he has #torymaths  #ToryManifesto 

Nothing in #ToryManifesto  on reform of #pension  tax relief or increasing contribution rates for auto-enrolled workers.


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The Tories are ditching pensioners. They stand to lose the pension guarantee, winter fuel allowance & control of their homes #ToryManifesto 

From the NHS to education, from living standards to policing, the Tories have broken their promises: #ToryManifesto 

Conservatives promised to balance the books, but they have missed every debt and deficit target they set themselves. #ToryManifesto 

Lunches for ALL kids replaced by breakfasts for some? Nailed it. #ToryManifesto 

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Conservatives promised to protect school spending, but per pupil spending is going down and class sizes are soaring. #ToryManifesto 

Conservatives promised to raise living standards, but working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off. #ToryManifesto 

2015 - 'We will work to eliminate child poverty' 2017 - 'We want to reduce levels of child poverty' #ToryManifesto