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Are we ever going to get a decision on Boris Johnson helping his mistress Jennifer Arcuri to £120k of taxpayers money or are we all supposed to just forget about that now? See also: Tories bribing Brexit Party candidates. And while I’m at it, RUSSIA REPORT? HELLO?

Farage's biggest achievement isn't his Brexit nightmare being realised it's his transforming of a centrist Conservative party into a party of Faragists/Brexits/kippers. What I said to the Tories about this transformation.

The Tories secured their Hard Brexit today. They did this by becoming the Brexit party/UKIP. Here is me setting out a few home truths to them. I know you will like it....

We are entering a new age of 'hard Brexit-ism' where the Conservative Party has simply become the party of the Faragists and neo-Kippers. Here's what I said to the Tories about this metamorphosis. Think you'll like it.

Brexit Party Gang of Four Defect to Tories

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Nigel Farage's decision to stand down Brexit Party candidates freed Tories to fight harder in Labour heartlands, writes @TheBluetrot .

Have the Tories who tried to bribe the Brexit Party been questioned yet?

@l_a_dunn  no, now the Tories have to actually DO Brexit. They were never intending to actually do it. But BJ used it as a way to make a coup within the Tory party, and he's got to actually produce something. He will fail utterly.


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Figures from first week of election campaign show Conservatives received millions more in large donations (over £7500) than any other party: Tories £5,673,646 Lib Dems £275,000 Brexit Party £250,000 Labour £218,500 Alliance (NI) £60,000 Greens £30,000

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I have loads of respect for so many Greens, not least Caroline Lucas. But Labour's climate plans are the most radical of any governing party in history, and a vote for the Greens in most seats will let the environment-destroying Hard Brexit Tories win #climatedebate 

So far in #GE2019  the Tories have - doctored a @GMB  TV interview to slur Labour - been accused of bribing Brexit Party candidates - re-named their Twitter account to deliberately mislead They can't be trusted. The ITV studio audience knew that, so do the rest of us #ITVDebate 

VIEWS: In a party where just 1 in 5 MPs are female, the roll call of talented women who’ve just quit the Tories is alarming. Johnson, Brexit & toxic abuse all in the mix as to why they’re off. Is the progress made under Cameron about to be reversed?

Our latest Westminster voting intention has the Lib Dems in first place and the Brexit Party second place, with Labour and the Tories pushed into third: Lib Dem - 24% Brexit Party - 22% Con - 19% Labour - 19% Green - 8% UKIP - 1% Change UK - 1% Other - 6%

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By caving to the charade of a no deal Brexit, the Tories turn their back on our closest allies, on peace in NI, on the union with Scotland and Wales, on jobs and our economy. They are the party of Little England. Our great country has never stood so small.

Tories will be “toast” if they don’t deliver Brexit. Yes, and Britain will be toast if they do. Which do you most care about, the future of the Tory party or the future of Britain?

Latest YouGov poll has Brexit party with twice as many votes as Labour and Lib Dem’s. And three times more than Tories. This whole Brexit business could destroy the party system as we’ve known it.

John Mann, Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer have voted with the Tories to save Theresa May's shambolic government and ensure a destructive Tory Brexit, or possibly a no deal calamity. They should all be kicked out of the Labour Party.