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@davidraider88  He was, it’s key to his appeal! Until Brexit he was basically the goofy “not like THOSE Tories” candidate that soft Labour voters could live with.

SHOCKING: billions of pounds have been thrown away in a bid to paper over the Tories' Brexit mess. In the face of major floods and the coronavirus threat, we have to ask if the Government knows its own spending priorities.

👇 Rishi Sunak's #Budget2020  is one that fails to change course on the economy, fails to reverse the deeply damaging cuts to social security and reveals the damaging impact of the Tories’ Brexit obession. Here’s the SNP response.

@GavinBarwellM  @DavidGaukeP  @RishiSunak  Glad to see the Tories eventually admitting that reckless failed austerity was a disaster based on zero economics and was simply designed to make the poor poorer @fetzert  showed without it there would have been no vote for brexit - how come it took a decade to realize the error?

Sunak said the Tories have promised to get Brexit done and they did. He said the "billions of pounds we would have sent to the EU can now be spent on our priorities ". #Budget2020  #Brexit 

The next Labour leader must hold the Tories to account over Brexit, writes @jonlis1 

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The Tories have published their Immigration Bill today, but it fails to deliver on Johnson’s promise to automatically guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK before Brexit. Add your name our campaign to protect EU citizens' right to stay⬇️

Chlorinated chicken will stay off the menu in the UK after Brexit but Tories will give in to Trump on GMOs etc. A govt source pointed out that the Tory manifesto was silent on issues such as crops, which are prod #GMOced  on an industrial scale in the US


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Are we ever going to get a decision on Boris Johnson helping his mistress Jennifer Arcuri to £120k of taxpayers money or are we all supposed to just forget about that now? See also: Tories bribing Brexit Party candidates. And while I’m at it, RUSSIA REPORT? HELLO?

Just for the avoidance of doubt: The Tories dutifully trooping through the No lobbies right now are voting *against* an amendment that says its aim is to “protect the right for unaccompanied child refugees to be reconciled with their family after Brexit”. Words fail me...

Nigel Farage’s pact with the Tories clarifies everything. We are up against a hard right, hard Brexit, pro-Trump alliance which will unleash catastrophe if it triumphs. If you’re not voting Labour now - this is what you’re waking up to on 13th December.

Tonight’s YouGov MRP poll shows that kicking out the Tories and stopping hard Brexit is possible. But unless you do everything you can in the next 48 hours - Boris Johnson will be able to do what he likes for 5 years. Please, please, do whatever you can, and do it now.

This confirms what we know would happen with a Johnson-Trump trade deal. The Tories would put our NHS at the mercy of US pharmaceutical, tech and private healthcare companies. We will stop a No Deal Brexit and Johnson's sell out Brexit deal. #Dispatches 

If you’re voting for the Lib Dems in a Labour-Tory marginal now, you might as well vote for Boris Johnson, Hard Brexit and the Tories - because that’s what you are going to get.

The Tories haven’t bothered showing up for #C4Debate  tonight. This just proves that all they have to offer is a disastrous Brexit deal. They don’t care about the NHS. They don’t care about homelessness. They don’t care about children living in poverty. They are not on your side.

So far in #GE2019  the Tories have - doctored a @GMB  TV interview to slur Labour - been accused of bribing Brexit Party candidates - re-named their Twitter account to deliberately mislead They can't be trusted. The ITV studio audience knew that, so do the rest of us #ITVDebate 

The Brexit referendum was due to Tory in-fighting. The result of the Brexit referendum was due to Tory in-fighting. The absurdly early triggering of Article 50 was due to Tory in-fighting. And now, instead of trying to undo some of the mess they’ve made, the Tories are fighting.

The reason for today’s failure in the Brexit talks is the grubby deal the Tories did with the DUP after the election. Each passing day provides further evidence that ’s Government is completely ill-equipped to negotiate a successful deal for our country.