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If you needed a reason to kick out the Tories - here's 59

Fuming Labour supporters assume the Laura person's spilling beans on postal vote results helps Tories.

Thursday’s Times: “Tories face last-minute threat from Brexit Party#tomorrowspaperstoday  #bbcpapers  (via @AllieHBNews )

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Pete Doherty tells audience 'f*** the Tories' ahead of general election

“The two main parties are running totally different campaigns. The Tories want to run Brexit campaign. The Labour Party wants to run an anti-austerity and save the NHS campaign.” Lord@StewartWood , former adviser to Ed Miliband, reflects on the campaign #Newsnight  | #GE19 

Record View says General election gives Scots the chance to 'dump the Tories'

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These 13 Scottish seats helped the Tories cling to power in 2017. Here's how people can stop them this time

Tories force Feds to respond to more than 200 written questions

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Boris Johnson said that the Tories will cut business rates in the next Budget#BorisLies 


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The news story here, which the BBC for some inexplicable reason have buried in the article, is that 88% of Tory ads were found to misleading, compared to 0% for Labour. The Tories are objectively running a campaign of lies

"We try not to eat a lot in one day, even though most of us are really hungry." This sentence should never be uttered by any child, let alone one living in the 5th richest country in the world. Make no mistake, the Tories are responsible for this.

There are 151 billionaires in Britain and I can promise you not one of them has donated to our campaign. Our average donation is £25. Meanwhile a third of them bankroll the Tories. They are bought by the few, Labour is owned by the many.

This never happened. Invented by the Tories to divert your attention from a child having to lie on a hospital floor; reported by media that didn’t bother to check if it was true. This is what media bias looks like.

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I try not to tweet political opinions, but as it’s my birthday allow me just one. The Tories do want to sell off the NHS. Not in one go, just bit by bit until it’s unrecognisable. You’ll turn up one day and there will be a priority waiting room. They’ve always been open about it.

The Tories have been in power for over nine years. If they really wanted to fund our NHS properly, they'd have done it by now.

The Tories say the victims of Grenfell didn’t have common sense. I’ll tell you what’s common sense: Don’t put flammable cladding on people’s homes. Don’t close fire stations and don't cut fire fighters. And don’t ignore residents when they tell you their home is a death trap.

As a NHS cancer specialist, it’s my #publicduty  to inform the public that the #NHS  cannot withstand another five years of the Tories. We are at breaking point. So are teachers, social workers, the police, prison officers, carers.... #generalelection2019 

Wrong. People were marching because we love our NHS and hate what the Tories are doing to it. Healthcare is a human right.