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"The real threat to British Jewry is coming from the Zionists and right-wing politicians who want to conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism." — #AJOpinion , by Tony Greenstein

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Chris Williamson Speaks in Carpark Alongside Notorious Tony Greenstein

“I am the ex-Mayor of Sunderland. I am Chris Williamson MP. I am Asa Winstanley. I am Marc Wadsworth. I am Jackie Walker. I am Tony Greenstein. I am Ken Livingstone. I am the Palestinian people”.

The real Tony Greenstein would never write anything as stupid as that.

Indeed. I do not believe was unaware of Atzmon’s antisemitism. Even Tony Greenstein, expelled from Labour & suspended from Unison, has condemned it (and wrote to me some years ago asking for help in tracking down Atzmon’s statements). Williamson should be expelled.

EXCLUSIVE: Corbyn's new peer Martha Osamor defended Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Ken Livingstone, compared anti-Semitism allegations to the Salem witch trials

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This suspended Labour activist is Tony Greenstein, who told me that the IRA’s attempted murder of Margaret Thatcher was “obviously legitimate”.

This 2016 article by Tony Greenstein, who was expelled from Labour this year, reveals that Christine Shawcroft was his 'silent friend' during a disciplinary hearing. Did those who supported Shawcroft for chair of Disputes Cttee in January know that?

Hi Miriam: I deleted that tweet within minutes, I confused JVL with something else (i.e. a Tony Greenstein front), and I've promised to do proper research on JVL including meeting its members.