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The CMO says "we need to move away from the language of blame" A great many reasonable politicians, journalists, health care workers and families are merely using the language of ACCOUNTABILITY + TRANSPARENCY - not blame You are better than this Tony

Pre-registration is now open: Asiamet Resources’ Exec Chairman, Tony Manini speaks with Mining Journal following Aeturnum finalising DD workstreams & entering into M&A negotiation phase Find out the full st #copperr #ARSy:

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The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents Tony Anderson the Tiny Poet *TonyThePoett How can a peacock hide its tail Or a nightingale his song? How can I hide your love in my heart Or your name on my tongue? #micropoetry  #poem  *poetrycommunity *WritingCommunity LoveStory

Imagine doing this to score your first professional goal 🤯 Tony Folan take a bow #GoalOfTheDay  #BrentfordFC 

Tony Holohan'>Dr Tony Holohan is expected to give his analysis on the latest medical data, as well as brief ministers on how the Covid-19 roadmap is progressing

The Chief Medical Officer, Tony Holohan@CMOIreland  will meet with the Cabinet today. Paul Cunningham reports that some Ministers are expected to press for a relaxation of the two metre rule @RTENewsPaulC 

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NOW: Bronte Manuel on the line with Tony Pilkington for Real Estate Radio thanks to @ToopandToop_  📞8223 0000

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TOMORROW MORNING ☀️ 8:15AM 5/27/20 • DJ Tony Neal in the mix for Rolling Out's AM Wake-Up Call 🔥🔥🔥 THIS WEDNESDAY with @RollingOut  #tneal  @OfficialCoreDJs  live on #Zoom , #FacebookLive , and #PeriscopeTV  ☀️☀️☀️ (Check…


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Hey , we heard about Tony Stark. As we know, the first thing you should do is listen in mission control for “, we have a problem.” But if he can’t communicate, then we recommend ground teams use all resources to scan the skies for your missing man

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girl at restaurant: "Are you Tony Hawk?" me: "Yes." her: "Why?" I had no idea how to answer.

As @tonyhawk  turns 52, a reminder that it ain't easy being Tony Hawk 😂

Kid at skatepark: “Are you Tony Hawk?” me: I am him: “no you’re not” me: ok, I’m not him: “but are you, FOR REAL?” me: I am, for real him: I thought you’d look younger me: ME TOO

Yes. I can confirm this is Tony's reaction anytime he hears his name.

TSA agent (checking my ID): "Hawk, like that skateboarder Tony Hawk!" Me: exactly Her: "Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days" Me: this

Cashier#1 : “Can I help you?” Me: How long would it take to get a turkey burger to go? Cashier #1 : “About 5 minutes” Cashier #2 : “Are you Tony Hawk?” Me: yes Cashier #1 : “Do you want a turkey burger then?” Me: yes please, and an iced tea Cashier #1 : “Can I get a name?”

At rental car agency, can’t find my name on the monitor to find my car, go inside & wait in line. Finally get to the front, agent sees me & says “you really are Tony Hawk” Me: um, yes. I was looking for my name outside on the list Him: “I deleted it because I thought it was fake”

“Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.” This is how I’ll remember Tony. He taught us about food — but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. To make us a little less afraid of the unknown. We’ll miss him.

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John got nominated for a Tony this morning for a song he apparently wrote for spongebob squarepants. Why does he not tell me when he writes spongebob songs?? What else is he lying about?? Are there other songs out there??