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There are no words that can do justice to this tragedy. BTS loves #LasVegas and our #USA family who are in our hearts today. #prayforvegas
Care. Love. Be outraged. Be devastated. Just don’t give up. The world needs good humans today.
The support for Just Like You has been really special ! Lyric video should be ready today 😎
20 years ago today a world that I had lived in alone was suddenly open to others. It's been wonderful. Thank you.

Help me #give2veterans. Every retweet means a dollar for @Stand4Heroes, up to $500K, by 9/30. Let's see how much we can raise today!
Today's the day Albus Severus Potter boards the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross for the first time #19yearslater ⚡️
7 years ago today my life changed forever, beyond my wildest dreams, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way...
Liam Gallagher making tea is the best thing you'll see today. As you were.
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Superbad turns 10 today, which makes Mclovin 35 I think.
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