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Ravens coach John Harbaugh on the playoff loss to the Titans: "The players are pissed about it. They’re not happy about it. They’re disappointed about it. They came up short and they learn from it. Sometimes the only way to really, really learn something is to experience it."

The Titans'>Air Titans have been sent out onto the track at @CLTMotorSpdwy  to begin drying efforts, but we still remain in a lightning delay. Continue to stay tuned in to FS1 for further updates.

For the title of Best Sports Movie of All-Time, it’s two heavyweights battling it out: Remember the Titans and Rocky. Who ya got? Go vote!

Would love to forget the titans for once. #Alsco500 

NASCAR is going to park the titans and used jet driers to take care of rest. Pit road is dry.

More Harbaugh on loss to Titans: "I expect our guys to understand what it takes to beat an opponent that is bound and determined to beat you and make a statement. That's why we respect teams that are champions and are repeat champions. I fully expect our guys to answer the bell."

Well removed from early-career #Titans ' captaincy failure, @TaylorLewan77  wants to lead more


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No one is safe on Rivalry Week ? Titans' RB Derrick Henry, an Alabama alumnus, was interrupted by Auburn alumnus Daren Bates, who played Rod Bramblett's Kick-Six call through a loudspeaker. (via @jwyattsports )

Former Titans DB Myron Rolle left the NFL to attend medical school back in 2013. Now, Rolle is a neurosurgery resident who is seeing the impact COVID-19 is having on the healthcare industry.

Marcus Mariota just caught his own pass for a @Titans  TD!! Not a typo. #TitanUp  #NFLPlayoffs 

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19 years ago today, Remember the Titans came out. Iconic.

Some dates for you diary: Dec 24: Lost in Space s2 Dec 26: You s2 Dec 31: John Wick 3 Jan 7: Wonder Woman Jan 10: Titans s2 Jan 17: Sex Ed s2 Jan 19: Always Sunny... s14 Jan 24: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina pt3 Jan 29: Dunkirk Jan 31: Bojack s6 pt2 Feb 24: Better Call Saul s5

Herman Boone, the iconic coach portrayed in 'Remember the Titans', dies at 84

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Mahomes slays the Titans to take the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in 50 years ? @brgridiron 

Titans are on another level of pettiness after upsetting the Ravens ? This was Tajae Sharpe's intro for Derrick Henry: (via @jwyattsports )

"You think football is fun?" "Zero fun sir!" 19 years ago today, Remember the Titans was released ?

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