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Between July 18th when aid was paused and Sept 11th when it was released, there were 5 interactions between President Zelensky and senior American officials. Aid was never tied to investigations in any of those discussions.

Trump aides repeatedly tied the White House meeting to the announcement of investigations, including while talking to Yermak. Tough to believe Yermak didn't at least entertain the idea that the military aid was a similar deal.

Andriy Yermak, a top aide to Ukrainian President Zelensky, confirmed the European country never felt U.S. military aid was tied to any investigations into allegations of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Rep. Mike Turner grills Ambassador Gordon Sondland on Capitol Hill: "You do not have any evidence that the president of the United States was tied to withholding aid from Ukraine in exchange for investigations."

Ambassador Gordon Sondland said he told Vice President Mike Pence before the meetings that he had concerns that the delay in military aid to Ukraine had become tied to the issue of investigations.

Trump campaign: Sondland said repeatedly that President Trump directly told him he wanted nothing from Ukraine. Sondland also testified that no one – no one – ever told him that Ukraine aid was tied to investigations. In a normal world this would be the end of the story

GOP Rep. Mike Turner asks Sondland if “anyone on the planet” had told him that Trump tied Ukraine aid to the announcement of investigations. He said no one did and that he was relying on “my own presumption,” prompting Turner to say: “Which is nothing.”

GOP side gets Sondland to say that neither the President nor Giuliani nor anyone else told him that military aid was tied to investigations. AFTER Sondland had said "everyone is in the loop"

Rep. Turner suggests Sondland contradicts Volker's sworn testimony from yesterday aid was not tied to investigations. Sondland says he was just "presuming it." @AdamSchiffCA  says his presumption confirms bribery.

Gordon Sondland testified Wednesday that he spoke with Pence before a Sept. 1 meeting with Ukrainian officials “that I had concerns that the delay in aid had become tied to the issue of investigations.”


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NEW: Sondland will describe quid pro quo - say WH meeting with Zelenksy conditioned on political probes and “everybody was in the loop” (Mulvaney, Pompeo) to satisfy Trump. Will say he told Pence of “concerns” aid was “tied to the issue of investigations”

🚨SONDLAND FLIPS🚨🚨 Trump ambassador admits he told Ukraine that military aid tied to campaign investigations. via @nytimes 

Pence denies Sondland testimony that he raised concerns about aid tied to probes. “The Vice President never had a conversation with Gordon Sondland about investigating the Bidens, Burisma, or the conditional release of financial aid to Ukraine based upon potential investigations”

And VP Pence? Amb Sondland implicates him too. On Sept 1, "I mentioned to Vice President Pence before the meetings with the Ukrainians that I had concerns that the delay in aid had become tied to the issue of investigations. I recall mentioning that before the Zelensky meeting."

Breaking News: The U.S. envoy to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, privately testified that President Trump directly tied security aid to his demand for investigations, a lawmaker said.

Impeachment investigators have now heard accounts of a quid pro quo from: 1. Bill Taylor, who said aid was tied to investigations 2. Tim Morrison, who said the same 3. Gordon Sondland, who said a WH meeting was tied to investigations

“That’s what people said what I said,” Mulvaney on Fox denying again that he said military aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations, despite video evidence

Sen Johnson (R-WI) @SenRonJohnson  says a US ambassador to EU told him in August that Ukraine aid was tied to 2016 election investigations; Sen Johnson says he confronted Pres Trump, who denied it - press - Source