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My life changed the moment I finally decided I would never again settle for less than I can be. #ThursdayThoughts 

🤔 'Damn, surely nobody else's number nine has this much sauce?' #ThursdayThoughts  💧 @LacazetteAlex 

When the government says you don’t need an AR-15 — that’s when you need an AR-15. #ThursdayThoughts  #CommonSense 

Conte on Messi: "This type of player is born once every 50 years." #ThursdayThoughts  #UCL 

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#ThursdayThoughtsTeach your kids early to cope w/disappointment, defeat & failure. It will prevent post-election progressive pestilence.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. I thought you could use this photo of a Weiner dog. #ThursdayThoughts 

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Didn't exist in 2006 iPhone iPad Kindle Uber Airbnb Android Oculus Spotify Nest Stripe Square Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp #ThursdayThoughts 

The only #ThursdayThoughts  you really need-- 10 things to know before the markets open