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When you have 3 new episodes of game of thrones ready to go
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Current level of pettiness: not replying to your boyfriend cos he watched Game of Thrones without you. 🌚 THAT'LL SHOW HIM. jadex
lourd y'a Ed Sheeran & VALD dans Games of Thrones 🔥🔥
Game of thrones marathon with the mother
You gotta stop live tweeting Game Of Thrones episodes. It's just not morally responsible.
Watched my first episode of game of thrones yesterday
i actually just felt a twinge of real sadness at the thought that some people might not be watching game of thrones what are they living for
Me when another character dies in Game of Thrones.
I need more Game of Thrones friends fuck where are these humans at? this has the biggest following of all shows and no one I KNOW WATCHES IT
South Korea's SBS is doing a whole Game of Thrones thing with its election results
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