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Agents of SHIELD star promises season 7 finale won't be "a Game of Thrones situation" #AgentsOfSHIELD 

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Game of Thrones Star Carice Van Houten Calls Fans 'Ungrateful' for Negative Response to Season 8

This "Game of Thrones" star is speaking out about the fan reaction to the final season and is calling it "ungrateful"

Game of Thrones star addresses "ungrateful" season 8 backlash a year after final episode aired

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Game of Thrones actress weighs in on season 8, deems haters 'ungrateful'

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'Game of Thrones' star Carice Van Houten says she loved the 'randomness' and 'clumsiness' of season 8, and doesn't think the writers deserved the backlash

Game of Thrones Before Season 8: *Everyone watched the show multiple times, named their children after chararters, cosplayed, bought cool merch, talked about the brilliance of the show, it was the next Star Wars/Harry Potter/LOTR* After Season 8:

(They have similar sexploitation issues but Black Sails largely solves its problem after the first season and even Spartacus has more to say about sexual violence than Thrones does)

This quarantine has allowed us to watch Game Of Thrones for the first time. We’re in the middle of season 4 and I’m loving how badass Arya Stark has become.

🐉 What would've happened if there had been a Season 9 of Game of Thrones?

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The final season of 'Game of Thrones' had the lowest % of female dialogue in the show's history, says an analysis by Ceretai. It centered around a conflict between queens Cersei and Daenerys, but women got just 22% of the lines.

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Power Season 6 is gonna blow you away, GAME OF THRONES ain’t got SHIT ON ME.?shoe program nigga #lecheminduroi  #bransoncognac  ?

Wtf @ game of thrones season 3 episode 9. you just can't kill off that many characters so quickly what the shitballs was that

Game of Thrones director says each season 8 episode is "longer than 60 minutes"

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No new episode tonight. And no Game Of Thrones. ... Uh Narcos season 3 I guess? Or read a book?

The new season of "Game of Thrones" will feature a new song from the Weeknd, Travis Scott, and SZA

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HBO has released a statement in response to #Trump 's #GameOfThrones  meme: “Though we can understand the enthusiasm for 'Game of Thrones' now that the final season has arrived, we still prefer our intellectual property not be used for political purposes"

HBO responds to Trump's GoT-themed tweet: “Though we can understand the enthusiasm for Game of Thrones now that the final season has arrived, we still prefer our intellectual property not be used for political purposes.”

remember when i finished the new season of game of thrones and orange is the new black in the same week and didnt know wat to do with myself