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Fifteen months ago, tragedy struck very close to home for Christian Yelich with the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Now, Yelich's second home in Milwaukee is hurting.

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Tremendous audience tonight in Thousand Oaks, California. So good to perform here in Southern California!

Thousand Oaks wins Easton tourney with 9-2 win over Hart. Scott Ellis struck out eight. Lancers are 5-0.

Baseball roundup: Thousand Oaks off to hot start, wins Easton tournament

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Thousand Oaks has 3-1 lead over Hart in second of Easton tourney final.

They were on their way to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks when the helicopter crash near Calabasas.

Prep baseball: Thousand Oaks advances to Easton tournament championship game

Thousand Oaks has an 8-1 lead over Sierra Canyon in Easton tournament semifinal.

Baseball preview: Thousand OaksMax Muncy among top infielders to watch

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LIVE: #SanAntonio  firefighters at scene of a house fire on Briarmeadow Street, near Nacogdoches Rd. & Thousand Oaks Blvd. on NE side


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Dayton, 9 El Paso, 20 Virginia Beach, 12 Aurora, Ill., 5 Thousand Oaks, 12 Pittsburgh, 11 Annapolis, 5 Santa Fe, Tx., 10 Parkland, 17 Sutherland Springs, Tx., 26 Las Vegas, 58 Orlando, 5 Ft. Lauderdale, 5 Burlington, Wash., 5 Only the sites and numbers change; nothing else does.

Our nation's leaders should have acted to end gun violence after Sandy Hook. After Charleston. After San Bernardino. After Pulse. After Sutherland Springs. After Las Vegas. After the Tree of Life Synagogue. After Parkland. After Thousand Oaks. How many more?

"I don't want prayers. I don't want thoughts. I want gun control." Susan Orfanos says her son, Telemachus Orfanos, survived last year's Las Vegas mass shooting but did not survive the massacre at a Thousand Oaks bar.

Heart-wrenching moment as father announces his son was killed in Thousand Oaks mass shooting. “Only him and I know, how I loved—how much I miss him…Oh, son, I love you so much.”

If you live in Thousand Oaks/Malibu area , please evacuate . The fires are at 0% containment and are getting more wild as the minutes pass

When something bad happens, its not complete until Trump tweets something heartless and ignorant about it - it ain't over till the fat baby zings - so of course he's blaming our fires on tree huggers. Does he know Thousand Oaks is a town and not actually a thousand oaks?

Another senseless act. 13 dead in another mass shooting. Families devastated by violence. Again. My heart is with the people of Thousand Oaks, and with everyone fighting to make change.

12 people were massacred in a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks California on Wednesday. It was 96 hours ago. It seems to have been completely disappeared from the public discourse. That's seriously screwed up.

Thousand Oaks is the 307th mass shooting in the U.S. this year. If that does not absolutely horrify you, then you need to take some time to yourself and think about why. An armed police officer is dead, so that didn’t work. When are Republicans going to stand up against the NRA?

From the article below: “98% of mass public shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in places where guns are banned.” Thousand Oaks included. This gets little media attention.