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It's confirmed by @ENERGY that @SecretaryPerry spent 22 minutes speaking with Russian prankster he thought was #Ukraine prime minister.
Heartbroken Russian Ambassador Thought Special Meetings With Jeff Sessions Were Very Memorable
No surprise here. Obama said nothing about Russian hacking because he thought it would help Hillary.
If all these Russian trolls got off Twitter and got to work maybe they'd finally have an economy bigger than Italy's.

Just a thought.
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Remember when Paul Ryan joked that he thought Donald Trump was on the Russian payroll?

Now ask yourself: Why is that a funny joke?
Just read about the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt :( thought and prayers go out to the passengers families ... What a nightmare
I interviewed 12+ Russian fighters. Almost all proud of what they did, including killing;thought they'd be heroes at home, but feel rejected
Would Hillary Clinton rule out questioning the legitimacy of the election if Russian interference is deeper than thought? (1/2)
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