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If the shooter was Muslim, we'd call this a terrorist attack.
This was a terrorist attack, committed by a 64-year-old white American. #vegas
To our Muslim neighbors in the world: I & tens of millions of others are so very sorry. The majority of Americans did not vote 4 this man.
A young Ethiopian, Muslim boy saves the day in this new animated film. Meet Bilal.
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.@FoxNews won't show you this, but hundreds of Mancunians (who happen to be Muslim) marched yesterday against the Manchester Attack (EVN)
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This Muslim girl didn't know she would lose her life after performing the Ramadan prayer.
Trump has railed against "illegals," African American athletes, used slur Pocahontas and shared anti-Muslim videos this week. It's Wednesday
A Muslim man offered free hugs while blindfolded in Manchester. This is how people reacted.
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This photo of a Muslim girl and Jewish boy rallying for the same cause with their dads has warmed the hearts of many
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