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I urge @Theresa_May to appeal directly to Rajoy to end police violence in Catalonia & find political solution to this constitutional crisis.
.@Theresa_May, I was at the debates. Where were you?
In 7 General Elections as anchor @Channel4News, after weeks of requests,Theresa May is the first serving PM to refuse me an interview why?
Just unfollowed a man whom I thought was smart and funny, because he called Theresa May a whore. 1/14
I think Theresa May has won own goal of the season.
OK. I'm not telling you how to vote, but this is a fact. The only vote that will keep Theresa May out is a vote for @jeremycorbyn. Cheers.
Well, at least there is one Jeremy that @Theresa_May isn't too scared to debate #BattleForNumber10
We know Theresa May can't now negotiate Brexit for Britain because she told us losing majority would destroy her authority---and it has.
@theresa_may They respect you more when you show strength. Or show up.
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Theresa May promised again and again that if she lost six seats, Jeremy Corbyn would be PM. Last night she lost at least 12.
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