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Canada's chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam said the latest data shows about 7% of COVID-19 cases have resulted in hospitalization, 3% have required critical care and about 1% have been fatal. She noted that about 30% of people hospitalized are aged 40 and under.

Canada's chief public health officer Theresa Tam says 7% of COVID-19 cases in Canada have required hospitalization. 30% of those who've been hospitalized are under the age of 40. 184,000 people have been tested countrywide.

Theresa Elloie was renowned for her business of making detailed pins and corsages for various occasions, including social aid and pleasure club parades, birthday parties, weddings and banquets — and big Saints games.

Dr. Theresa Tam is cautiously optimistic about possible slowing rate of growth in B.C. saying "there are signs of hope." #COVID19 

Dr. Theresa Tam: if the trends are slowing down, we must "double down" on our measures. We have to keep going.

Dr. Theresa Tam on face masks: people with symptoms need to stay home; if you need to get to a medical facility, you must wear a mask to prevent spread. Masks have to be used properly, most people don't use them properly. There is no need for people who are well to use masks.

Dr. Theresa Tam: truck drivers are being stopped at the border for showing mild symptoms of possible COVID-19.

Dr. Theresa Tam: we do not want people to end up in intensive care units in hospitals; the focus must be on prevention of COVID-19 transmission among vulnerable populations. The health system has been able to manage patients so far.

Dr. Theresa Tam: Rate of growth in British Columbia appears to be slowing; however we must remain vigilant and maintain existing public health measures.

Dr. Theresa Tam: 184,000 tests done, 84,000 more people since Monday, 7% require hospitalization.


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I have been very critical about the way the U.K. and Theresa'>Prime Minister Theresa May handled Brexit. What a mess she and her representatives have created. I told her how it should be done, but she decided to go another way. I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well....

Theresa May didn't publicly break down over Windrush, or Grenfell, or disabled people having their benefits cut, or children driven into poverty. In the end, she only publicly shed a tear over her own career.

OK. I'm not telling you how to vote, but this is a fact. The only vote that will keep Theresa May out is a vote for @jeremycorbyn . Cheers.

I urge @Theresa_May  to appeal directly to Rajoy to end police violence in Catalonia & find political solution to this constitutional crisis.

I feel I should take the job of Brexit Secretary now. If only so that when I resign, Theresa May can finally be proved right than No Deal is better than a Baddiel.

Fmr Dep. DA Theresa Jones, who worked alongside Roy Moore, tells CNN: “It was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird...We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall..."

Well, at least there is one Jeremy that @Theresa_May  isn't too scared to debate #BattleForNumber10 

In 7 General Elections as anchor @Channel4News , after weeks of requests,Theresa May is the first serving PM to refuse me an interview why?

I think Theresa May has won own goal of the season.