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North Carolina's Joel Berry II, Tony Bradley and Theo Pinson will test NBA Draft process, won't hire agent, school announces.
Wait...did Theo Pinson crash another @UNC_Basketball presser?

Roy Williams' reaction is priceless.

BTW - @tpinsonn will play vs NC State!
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North Carolina's Joel Berry, Tony Bradley, and Theo Pinson will all enter the 2017 NBA Draft without an agent, per release.
North Carolina announces Theo Pinson has withdrawn from the NBA draft process and will return to UNC for his senior season
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Theo Pinson will return to North Carolina next season, per release. Initially entered 2017 NBA Draft without agent.
North Carolina blasts Northern Iowa by 43 in Chapel Hill. Tar Heels will be even better when Theo Pinson returns. ACC title contender.
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