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Big free speech win today! Supreme Court rules against government for refusing to grant trademark to Asian-American rock band The Slants.
An Asian-American band was almost legally barred from trademarking the name "The Slants." @ronnychieng reports:
#BREAKING: Justice Dept. gives up Redskins name fight after SCOTUS ruled in favor of Asian-American band calling itself 'The Slants' - WHSV
Supreme Court rules rock band the Slants may trademark its name, striking down law banning offensive terms
Supreme Court rules for Asian-American rock band 'The Slants' in major trademark case:
The case involved an Asian-American band named "the Slants," but the ruling is also a victory for the Washington Redskins.
The Slants won their case, so people can trademark offensive things now. Some more offensive than others.
Tonight at 11/10c, @ronnychieng meets The Slants, an Asian-American rock band whose name was deemed too racially insensitive to trademark.
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