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Big free speech win today! Supreme Court rules against government for refusing to grant trademark to Asian-American rock band The Slants.
#BREAKING: Justice Dept. gives up Redskins name fight after SCOTUS ruled in favor of Asian-American band calling itself 'The Slants' - WHSV
An Asian-American band was almost legally barred from trademarking the name "The Slants." @ronnychieng reports:
Supreme Court rules rock band the Slants may trademark its name, striking down law banning offensive terms
The Slants won their case, so people can trademark offensive things now. Some more offensive than others.
Supreme Court rules for Asian-American rock band 'The Slants' in major trademark case:
The case involved an Asian-American band named "the Slants," but the ruling is also a victory for the Washington Redskins.
Tonight at 11/10c, @ronnychieng meets The Slants, an Asian-American rock band whose name was deemed too racially insensitive to trademark.
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Supreme Court strikes down rule against disparaging trademarks; Asian-American frontman of The Slants is victorious
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