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I can’t think of a better time for the House to pass the Senate’s Russia Sanctions bill. Retweet if you think so too.
My statement on the Senate’s passage of the tax bill:
The Senate’s military spending increase alone is enough to make public college free.
13 men writing the Senate’s health care bill behind closed doors, with no accountability to the American people. It's a recipe for disaster.
Guess what the Senate’s GOP tax bill does?

A) Says life begins at conception
B) Sells 7 million barrels of oil from national emergency preserves
C) Repeals the individual health care mandate
D) All of the above
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The Senate’s official scorekeeper says the Republican tax plan will add $1 trillion to the deficit
Tonight at 11/10c, Trevor discusses the Senate’s rebuke of Sen. Elizabeth Warren with @SenWarren herself.
Ron Johnson is the first Senate Republican to say publicly that he could not vote for the Senate’s tax plan
The moment has come for the Senate’s brave GOP women to show McCain, Graham & Johnson what integrity means. @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski
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