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I can’t think of a better time for the House to pass the Senate’s Russia Sanctions bill. Retweet if you think so too.
"Donald Trump said he wanted to make a deal on DACA. Donald Trump just spent the past few days doing everything he could to kill a deal on DACA. Therefore, Donald Trump deserves the blame for the Senate’s failure to pass an immigration bill."
13 men writing the Senate’s health care bill behind closed doors, with no accountability to the American people. It's a recipe for disaster.
The Senate’s military spending increase alone is enough to make public college free.
Who is to blame for the Senate’s failure to keep the US Government up and running?:
SCOOP: The Senate’s Russia Investigation Is Now Looking Into Jill Stein, A Former Campaign Staffer Says by @LoopEmma
My statement on the Senate’s passage of the tax bill:
Today @ChuckGrassley and @SenateMajLdr ran roughshod over the Senate’s “blue slip” practice, continuing their their no-holds-barred efforts to pack the courts with right-wing nominees. We must #Resist.
The Senate’s failure to pass immigration legislation shows just how unserious the Democrats are about illegal immigration. My statement:
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