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The Maddison Project Database provides information on global growth and income levels over the long run in 169 countries - in some cases, from the Roman Empire. It's been an awesome journey

@eleanortiernan  @TheDiasporaDivaParse  that for me. If I am writing a novel on, say, the later roman empire (I am....will send chapters if you want!) how do I do that? Right now im with the Khazars.... guide me

If the Roman Empire had built a public transit system for its empire, it might have looked like this. #citylabarchive 

It’s like we’re watching the fall of the Roman Empire. Stay safe my American pals.

Oysters have been a reputed aphrodisiac at least since the Roman Empire.

The Antonine Plague killed millions of people throughout the Roman Empire. Here’s what we can learn from it.

It was an optimistic time. A healthy economy made elites wealthy and let many ordinary citizens live comfortably. Then the pandemic hit. This isn’t a tale of the U.S. It’s a story about the Roman Empire.

We can learn a lot from history repeat itself see the Roman Empire fall, Great Kings, sovereign strong powerful same fate see the Great Wall of China The first becomes the last and the last becomes the first Be Blind but hear the wind blowing feel the fire burning... go see.


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Roman Empire: 'You Christians are too exclusive. You threaten the social order because you won’t honor all deities.' Modern West: 'You Christians are too exclusive. You threaten the social order because you won’t honor all identities.

The Roman Empire: Since Abramovich took over in 2003, Chelsea have been England's most successful club

This is insane! A travel map of the Roman empire that allows you to plot journey times btw locations depending on weather and mode of transport. h/t @simongerman600 

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500 years ago, a German monk issued a stunning challenge to papal authority and the entire Holy Roman Empire

FYI: Roman Numerals have no Zero. Invented after the Empire, which is why the traditional Christian calendar has no year Zero

I'm disappointed my guest's book on the Roman Empire didn't contain one chapter on Little Caesar's crazy bread.